Out of many excellent natural antivirals,
Olive Leaf Extract could be best.

There are many foods and herb extracts which are excellent natural antivirals, and probably many more as yet unknown.

Garlic, onions, grapefruit seed extract, oil of oregano all spring to mind having some powerful properties. While the food-type ones are good to eat regularly, there are times when more fire-power is needed.

Olive Leaf Extract has a combination of important properties which few, if any, of the other natural antivirals can boast of having.

Below are some of these.
  • Broad Spectrum Versatility

    Viral infections often cause ill-defined fevers which cannot be pinpointed, diarrhoea or other usually short term illnesses as well as the obvious colds and 'flu.
    Olive leaf extract debilitates or destroys most if not all of these.

    Olive leaf extract is one of the prime natural remedies for herpes (all types) and some sufferers have claimed it to be as effective as the commonly used prescription drug acyclovir.
    Anyone looking for natural remedies for shingles or a herpes natural remedy should consider olive leaf extract.

    Some viral diseases are not preventable or treatable by pharmaceutical drugs, for example Coxsackie virus, Polio and some of the Herpes viruses such as Epstein Barr. A compound (Calcium elenolate) derived from olive leaf in laboratory tests destroyed all of these.

  • Convenience

    Olive leaf extract is one of the best natural cold and 'flu remedies which you can keep in your kitchen cupboard.
    The tinctures have a shelf-life of about 5 years and the capsules about 2 years and need no special storage other than keeping them out of direct sunlight and at room temperature.

    They are easy to take, ideally with a little water and as natural antivirals, (food supplements) they require no prescription.

  • Effectiveness

    When you need an antiviral, you need it quickly and you need it to work almost immediately.
    Viruses, once they start replicate rapidly and damage a large number of cells in a short space of time.

    Olive leaf extracts works quickly. You normally notice a dulling of symptoms within hours of the first few doses. This I have noticed especially using a good tincture as a natural cold remedy or for the 'flu.

    On day 3-4 when there is a big reduction of symptoms the risk is now forgetting to take the next few doses - you feel so much better!
    Forgetting now is a big mistake, and you will realise how much the olive leaf was doing when its activity tapers off and the remaining viruses are able to multiply again and the infection returns with a vengeance. It now takes longer to get rid of it.

    Continue for about 3-4 days after feeling completely well again to ensure you've got it beaten.

    If the infection was just starting when you began dosing, as with an itchy throat and you caught it early, you may only need a few doses altogether to stop it.

  • Non-damaging to Beneficial Gut Bacteria

    Olive leaf extract does not appear to damage probiotic bacteria in the gut, a property which separates it from most other natural antivirals.
    This is very important in avoiding recurring infections after overcoming the first one.

  • Safety

    The exceptional lack of toxicity in such a potent antiviral is a miracle in itself.
    You do not have to worry about "finishing a course". Start or stop taking as you please. Pathogens have not been able to mutate around olive leaf extract for thousands of years.

In conclusion, plus a little hint.

Olive leaf extract is in my opinion the first choice in natural antivirals. Not only is it effective in the vast majority of cases, it is easy to use, store and is extremely safe when used as directed. It will not compromise your health later on.

Although one of the best natural flu remedies and a great natural cold remedy, remember olive leaf is not a pain killer.
If you are infected and have painful symptoms, do not expect the pain to go immediately. It will go gradually as the infection is stopped and the body begins to heal.

I have found that a "hot toddy" made of powdered vitamin C, a tablespoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey and 1 "Disprin" or soluble aspirin (only if you are allowed aspirin, use paracetamol in minimum recommended dose for children) mixed in 1/4 cup of boiling water and drunk hot, takes away a sore throat and post-nasal drip and allows a good night's sleep.

If you have seasonal allergies and recurring colds and 'flu it might be a good idea to check for vitamin C or other deficiencies.
It may be that you are compromising your health with bad eating habits such as consuming excessive refined carbohydrates, bad food combining or maybe you have an intolerance to milk products or wheat.

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