Natural Antifungal and Other Case Histories
from Olive Leaf Extract Users

We've had some heart-warming feedback regarding the natural antifungal and other uses of olive leaf extract over the years . Here are a few cases.

  • Gut pain

    An ecstatic gentleman 'phoned our offices, saying that for the first time in three years he had no pain in his bowels after taking our olive leaf tincture.
    He had survived colon cancer and had been in pain ever since.
    I was thrilled with his news but being cautious asked him how he knew it was cancer. He told me that half his colon had been removed and that he was a herbalist.
    I checked with him some months later to find out how he was doing (a little scared that the pain may have come back so making our initial joy unfounded).
    He was still pain-free and extolling the virtues of olive leaf extract.
    I suspect that he had been troubled with Candida from antibiotic treatment after his operation and the natural antifungal properties of olive leaf extract had helped him overcome this.

  • Infected salivary gland

    A distributor of hair-care products in Namibia called one day to ask if he could distribute my olive leaf extract.
    It seems he had been plagued with infections in his salivary glands. One in his cheek had been removed as no antibiotics had been able to kill the infection. Later on the gland under his tongue had swelled up and again no amount of antibiotic drugs could destroy the infection.
    As a last resort and extremely despondent, (an operation to remove it had already been planned) he went to a Homeopath who had prescribed our olive leaf tincture, with instructions to swish 30 drops in a little water around his mouth for a few minutes three times a day.
    To his amazement within days the swelling went down and no operation was necessary. I knew the story was genuine because he placed a large order and began to distribute this natural antifungal within a few weeks.

  • Mouth Infection

    The health section in a large pharmacy we supplied was managed by a homeopath. We were told that a youth of sixteen was brought in who had such a serious and painful infection in his mouth that he had to be fed liquids through a straw.
    No conventional medication had been able to cure it.
    He was prescribed our natural antifungal olive leaf extract tincture and instructed to hold it in his mouth for as long as he could three times a day and once again a near miraculous cure resulted.
    I could always tell that these reports were genuine because practitioners using natural medicine are usually passionate about helping people.
    When a product brings good feedback the sales begin to skyrocket as they use it to help more and more people.
    I have even seen ultra-sceptical pharmacists turn 180 degrees in their thinking towards this amazing natural antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral all rolled into one.

  • Unknown Systemic Disease

    And now a testimonial from another customer in her own words. She had seen our advertisement for olive leaf extract in a newspaper which contained a testimonial about colds and 'flu.
    She was not impressed with the testimonial published and wrote this one to me.

    "In 2000 I was diagnosed as an unusual rheumatoid arthritis patient- unusual in the sense that the blood tests proved positive but the Rheumatologist said I didn't look like a R.A sufferer.
    However, he stabilized me on a course of cortisone, voltaren and +/- 4 other tablets, which I cannot remember. On top of this I was taking medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

    At the same time I was having severe muscle pains in both arms.
    I went from one doctor to the next, specialist physicians and in desperation even consulted an iridologist - they all agreed on one thing - there was something very wrong with me, they even suspected viral infection - the coxsackie B virus? Candida? Nobody was sure.

    All this time I was becoming a pathetic woman, always in pain, losing weight and having terrible mood swings.
    Then an MD in Alberton took me off the rheumatologist medication, he suspected chemical imbalance. Although there was an improvement - my health was only restored by +/-15%.
    About six months ago, a homeopath recommended Herbal Wellness' "Olive Leaf Extract" tincture.

    I am now on my 4th bottle and I feel 10 years younger, full of energy and I thank the Lord for leading someone, somewhere to the humble olive leaf which most definitely has proved to be a miracle in my life.
    Oh yes another amazing thing, I am 57 years old - I have never been able to grow my nails. I had to be content with false nails - now - for the first time in my life my nails are growing.
    I don't know about fighting colds, thanks to the olive leaf tincture my immune system is amazing, please don't ever stop producing this wonderful extract."

  • Angina

    A Homeopath/Naturopath who was informed concerning our olive leaf tincture would regularly prescribe it to patients.
    At my request for feedback she told me of a patient who was due to go into hospital for a second coronary angioplasty. The first one had failed to sufficiently open up a coronary artery.
    After taking the olive leaf tincture, the procedure was cancelled as he had improved to the point that it was not necessary any more - the angina pain had disappeared.

  • A last one concerning pets.

    A lady who promoted health products in a pharmacy we supplied was a cat lover. She took in strays off the street and had a large number in her home.

    She one day confronted me saying that olive leaf tincture had saved her cat's life. It was a stray taken off the street which was extremely thin and sick.
    After giving it small doses of olive leaf tincture it recovered wonderfully and she now gave it to all the new strays she took in as a kind of natural antifungal, antibacterial and parasite de-bugging treatment.

    I could believe what she said because I had observed it working in our cat.
    It had developed inflammation and sores in the mouth which prevented it from eating. I took it to the vet for treatment with expensive drugs and in about six months the same problem came back.

    I decided to treat it myself with olive leaf tincture which it turned out worked just as effectively.

    The problem did return again after about another six months, then repeatedly, each time a little sooner than before and I kept treating it with the olive leaf.

    The cat was now old and I took it back to the vet who said it had FAIDS, or feline aids. Being a male it went out regularly to fight the neighbourhood tom cats, and had contracted this feline form of AIDS which had depleted its immune system.
    As there was no cure it could only be kept fairly comfortable with much medication including cortisone until it died.
    The olive leaf had extended its life for well over a year in fairly good health, but eventually it had succumbed to its infection and sadly I decided to let it go.
    This did demonstrate that olive leaf is a strong natural antifungal, even against impossible odds.

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