Practical Application of Olive Leaf Benefits

Below is a list of typical everyday situations where the olive leaf benefits are most conveniently and usefully employed. This does not include the instances where olive leaf extract would be prescribed by a physician as part of a healing protocol for serious disease conditions.

  • Public places
    Bolster immunity before entering a "risky environment" such as public transport, museums, air-conditioned offices or classrooms when colds or stomach bugs are doing the rounds.
    Great for your children when they go on school field trips, and reassuring for parents.

  • Important events
    Maintain health leading up to important speaking/singing engagements, examinations, athletic or other events.
    An important upcoming event in life is often accompanied by stress and anxiety which takes its toll on the immune system. Taking olive leaf for a few days before and after will help put you over.
  • Intensive exercise
    Athletes often overdo it while training for an event. Taken before or just after training, olive leaf benefits can mean the difference between coming down with a cold or staying in peak condition.
  • Stress
    During or after times of stress or sadness, immunity is lowered. Olive leaf extract helps by supporting the immune system and olive leaf tea has a calming effect.
  • Convalescence After a surgical operation or intensive therapy such as radiation or chemotherapy, one is particularly vulnerable to opportunistic infections.
    While you should never add olive leaf extract to prescribed medication, especially heart and diabetic medication without your doctor's knowledge, at a maintenance dosage it can be very useful to resist disease while your immune system and health is recovering.

    It may be effective against superbugs found in hospitals which are resistant to common antibiotics.

  • Visiting hospitals
    Have peace of mind while visiting others in hospital. I minimise risk to myself and my family by capitalising on the olive leaf benefits of prevention when visiting hospitals.
  • Travelling/eating out
    Prevent traveller's diarrhoea and stomach upsets after eating "suspect food" in foreign countries or at the local seafood restaurant.
    This is one of the great olive leaf benefits which can rescue a potentially wrecked evening.

    Have you ever eaten out and afterwards felt queasy from food that was way past the "eat-by" date?
    A dash of strong olive leaf tincture can usually settle the problem and make you feel better almost immediately.

  • "Nip it in the bud"
    Cold or other infection coming on? - scratchy throat, post nasal drip, headache, fatigue? A doctor can't help at this stage.

    Olive leaf can usually stop it in its tracks saving you days of discomfort.

    If an infection does take hold it is normally milder and over much sooner.
    Because olive leaf has reduced the load on your immune system all the way through, you feel little or no fatigue afterwards - another of the best olive leaf benefits.

  • Tired?
    Give yourself an olive leaf extract boost when you're just not yourself and your energy levels are down.
    Our immune systems work all the time. We are not aware of most of the attacks it is warding off, and each battle takes energy.
    One of the best benefits of olive leaf extract is that it is not specific to a few bugs.
    Research has shown it to block a wide range of microbes, so even if it is too early to tell which one you have, you can safely take olive leaf to win the day.
  • Holidays!
    Buffer your holiday against those pesky upsets which don't warrant a doctor.
    Besides, do you really want to visit a "muti man" in darkest Africa?
    Not much can spoil a holiday like a child who is unwell. Apart from restricting outdoor time, who wants to watch T.V. in Paris?
    As a family we drink lots of water, but even drinking safe water in a foreign country can make you feel strange. A couple of drops of olive leaf tincture in the water somehow makes it palatable and adds an element of reassurance.
  • Pandemic scare
    Take olive leaf extract when there's a pandemic scare and you want to prime your bloodstream with a natural virus/bacteria blaster that is effective for just about anything.
    Bird 'flu, Swine 'flu, Hong Kong 'flu... Every few years a new virus takes the world by surprise, some more dangerous than others. Some have the potential to mutate and cause widespread destruction, while others may be less dangerous than the vaccines hurriedly prepared to prevent them.

    Having olive leaf extract and other natural antivirals and supplements handy is reassuring and responsible. If the need arises, you can take them to blunt most viral attacks and give yourself and your children the best chance of survival.

    I would never be without it in this situation.

  • Speed up recovery and reduce subsequent fatigue when you have caught a cough, cold, or sore throat.

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Have you found another use for Olive Leaf?

People who use herbs often discover uses you wouldn't normally imagine.
I've heard some unusual applications of olive leaf - like the lady who gave it to her dog and it's hair went curly.
She was overjoyed because it was a poodle and ill health had made its hair go straight.
If you have found a use we have missed why not let the other readers know on this web site?

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