Favourite Olive Leaf Products

"Which olive leaf products are the best?". This is the most-frequently asked question in a market where olive leaf products abound!

Here are some that I would pick based on the information on this site. e.g. Organic olive leaves, accurate labelling, ethical manufacturing processes etc.
There is a write-up below on what I would use them for.
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Write-ups plus more products available in the USA and Canada

  • Brand: Olivus (Limited International delivery.)
    1. Organic olive leaf tea - leaves from own certified organic orchards.
    2. Organic tincture (ethanolic) and Elixir (non-alcoholic)
    3. Organic olive leaf powder - uses same leaves as above
    4. Organic olive leaf capsules - uses same leaves as above
    5. Combination capsules - organic leaves + concentrated non-organic extract
    6. Olive leaf soap - uses same leaves as above
    olive leaf products 1

    Organic olive leaf products are always good to go for.

    These are suitable if you're starting off with olive leaf, for long term and preventative use and the combination capsules are strong enough to get good results in acute disease conditions with sufficient dosage.
    Combination capsules contain approx. 65-70mg oleuropein.
    No fillers or excipients are used in the capsules.
    Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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  • Brand: Barlean Olive Leaf Complex

    1. Glycerine tincture

    An excellent olive leaf product from an excellent company, suitable for prevention, long term use or infections.
    Contains no alcohol and is standardised to contain 66mg oleuropein per 15ml dose.
    Ingredients are fresh pressed olive leaves, glycerine, water, no flavour or natural flavour option.
    This company goes the extra mile in customer care and processing, leaves picked at sunrise and immediately pressed. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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  • Brand: Gaia

    1. Liquid Phyto-Capsules - organic, vegan, alcohol free. 747mg dry herb equivalent per capsule
    2. Ethanolic tincture - organic, 1:3 potency, vegan

    These organic olive leaf products are suitable for prevention, health maintenance and chronic (long-term) infections.

    Using organic herbs, this company goes the extra mile to deliver good quality products.
    The Oleuropein content in the vegecaps is not standardised or specified as the company focuses on concentrating the whole herb, hence the dry herb equivalent is given (1494mg per 2 capsules = daily serving).

    I would recommend them to people needing a top quality product for prevention, health maintenance or chronic illness but they may not have the same firepower to demolish an acute infection as a capsule or tincture with a high standardised Oleuropein content.
    Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

    The tincture is of good quality and moderate strength (1:3 advertised) relying on the synergy of constituents to do the job.

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  • Brand: Life-Flo Olive Leaf Plus in vegetarian capsules

    1. Combination capsules - concentrated olive leaf extract + olive leaf powder.
      Yields min.60mg Oleuropein per capsule from 300mg of concentrated extract (20% Oleuropein) and 245mg olive leaf powder to help balance constituents.

    This concentrated product is suitable for prevention, short term use and acute infections.
    Excipients maltodextrin, cellulose and silica.

    Maltodextrin may contain free MSG which is why I have recommended short term use, as MSG is a neurotoxin.

    Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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  • Brand: L.A. Naturals

    1. Olive Leaf Tincture - certified organic 1:2 strength ratio.

    This organic olive leaf product is suitable for short or long term use, chronic or acute conditions and should be good to nip a cold in the bud for example if taken soon enough after the first symptoms are noticed.
    A dose of 30 drops uses 500mg of dry olive leaf.
    The tincture contains 40-50% grain alcohol and de-ionised water.
    To remove much of the alcohol, pour a little boiling water into the measured dose and allow to stand for a few minutes. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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  • Brand: Natures Answer OleoPein Olive Leaf

    1. Alcohol-free Olive Leaf fluid extract 1:1
    2. Vegetarian capsules, 400mg extract supplying 30mg Oleuropein per capsule + 20mg olive leaf powder.

    Liquid extract

    This product is suitable for short or long term use, chronic or acute conditions and is suitable for children or others not wishing to consume alcohol.
    A dose of 42 drops (1,5ml) is produced from 1500mg of dry olive leaf and is guaranteed to contain at least 15mg of oleuropein.
    The liquid also contains vegetable glycerine, purified water and acacia.
    The manufacturer claims that the constituents are balanced in the same proportions as found in the leaf.
    The extract is produced using ethanol, water and natural extractants. The alcohol and extractants are then removed using a proprietary process and replaced with glycerine.
    Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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    This product is suitable for short or long term use, chronic or acute conditions. It is a moderate strength product which could be given to older children as well as adults.
    Fillers/excipients: Rice flour, vegetable cellulose, calcium silicate(anticaking agent).

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  • Brand: Seagate

    1. Capsules - No fillers or excipients, no chemical processing

    An excellent product suitable for short term prevention, acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term) infections.
    Manufactured using leaves from their own orchard, with own processing using a cold, fresh water extraction with no chemicals, solvents or alcohol, this is about as close as you can get to a natural balance of phytochemicals. A vacuum extraction process of the solids results in the powdered extract which is then encapsulated.
    The capsules contain no excipients or fillers.
    I would recommend them for general short or long-term use, and suspect this product would excel in for long-term use.

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  • Brand: Swanson Superior Herbs

    1. Capsules - 750mg, standardised 20% oleuropein (150mg per capsule), gelatin, contains flow agents, fillers.

    A high strength standardised olive leaf extract containing no raw olive leaf powdered herb.
    Mainly suitable for short term prevention or acute (short-term) infections.
    Too strong for children.
    Non vegetarian capsule.
    Contains rice flour, magnesium stearate and/or silica, stearic acid.
    For the right microbes this has huge firepower and is very economical.
    It may be too strong for sensitive stomachs, and be short of other active constituents of olive leaf needed for conditions requiring them.
    For long-term use or chronic conditions I would personally go for more balanced olive leaf products but for opportunistic infections this one could be dynamite.
    I would open and halve the capsules to start off with if you are not used to olive leaf extract.
    While there is a lot of disagreement over this, magnesium stearate may reduce absorption by coating the olive leaf extract powder.
    This would be more relevant in individuals with impaired digestion.

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  • Brand: Landor Trading

    1. Olive leaf powder 20% oleuropein

    A high-strength olive leaf extract powder standardised to contain 20% oleuropein, which is a chief active constituent of the olive leaf.
    This powder is what is typically used in high-strength olive leaf capsules.
    It is highly hygroscopic - in other words, it absorbs moisture from the air if you leave it open, and will become sticky then turn into a lump of toffee-like substance which is difficult to use.
    It is important to close the packet securely immediately after dispensing what you need. Even then, it can in time turn into a solid lump which needs a mortar and pestle to break up.
    Ideally this can be used to fill empty capsules or could be put into smoothies but has a very strong and slightly bitter taste so will need some masking.
    It does not appear to have a certificate of origin or batch manufacturing date, and oleuropein content does degrade over time especially when exposed to sunlight, so it may be wise to ask the supplier before purchasing.
    Normal shelf-life for olive leaf capsules is 2 years if kept under suitable conditions and this would be the same for powder.

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    And a Product for Pets

  • Brand: Vetri-Science Olivet

    1. Capsules - 250mg of extract only, contains 15% Oleuropein standardised
    2. Vegetarian capsules - contain 37.5mg oleuropein per capsule
    3. Fillers & inactive ingredients: Rice flour, vegetable cellulose, vegetarian leucine

    A fairly strong basic olive leaf extract product for pets, for short term prevention, acute (short-term) or chronic (long-term) infections and use.

    This product contains no olive leaf powder, only a concentrated extract which may be harsh on the pet's stomach unless taken with food.

    Essentially, this is the same as a product for human consumption and one could use a suitable-strength human product for your pet as well provided it is not mixed with other herbs.

    The dosage bands given on the container are rather broad and in my opinion, for cats and smaller dogs, a smaller dose than is found in one capsule would be appropriate.
    If in doubt, scale down a human dose to the weight of your pet. This would equate to half a capsule for a 14 lb animal acute illness daily dose, and 1/4 capsule for up to a 6lb animal.
    If it is well tolerated and the results are inadequate after a few days you could increase to the recommended dosage over a period of about a week.

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