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The most rewarding part of supplying my own olive leaf extract has been the feedback from thankful people whose health has been turned from "unbearable" to "unbelievably good".

While such extreme cases are uncommon, I can't remember how many people have asked me please to never stop supplying olive leaf extract because of some important benefit they derive from it.

How else will people know?

It is to inform these and countless others in the future, that this site exists.
For those who cannot afford to buy olive leaf products, I tell them how to make their own, if they can just get hold of leaves off an olive tree somewhere.

This information I make freely available to everyone who wants it, but to achieve that, the site must finance itself and reward the time I invest in answering questions and adding the latest information.

But Whose going to pay?

Fortunately this can be done so that everyone wins.

You want information and help for free? You've got it!
Now you want to know what to buy?
I evaluate and provide links to excellent products to help you choose the best for you. You win.

By purchasing through a link on my site, you don't pay a penny more than you would if you bought direct from the seller, but he happily pays me an advertising commission. I can continue helping people and am rewarded for doing so. I win.

The seller who provides the best products gets the sale. He wins.

I will always refer you to products I believe are ethical products, products I would use myself and give to my family, because that's the best test I can think of.

I also allow ad's to be shown on the website. Although undesirable categories are blocked, there may be times when inappropriate ad's are shown. Please inform me if this happens with the link so I can ban it from the website to keep it visitor-friendly.

Now to conform to the required legalese...

Terence Hedgcock is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

I also have affiliate links to other companies whom I believe have excellent products available and this will change from time to time.
The bottom line is, I want to be the best at giving you the best.


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