When I stumbled upon the olive leaf health benefits, I knew this was to be our next product.

My name is Terence.

Around seven years of my childhood was spent on a farm where I saw my father applying in a practical way commonsense cures and solutions to sick and injured animals, from broken limbs and snake-bites to common stock diseases.
There was no vet nearby and I learned that there is a lot the individual can do concerning health if you take on the responsibility, learn about and apply the solutions that are available.

My father later owned and ran a health shop for about 15 years until he retired.
His shop was near a hospital, and during that time we saw many people who had been given up as hopeless cases by the local orthodox medical fraternity, restored to health or greatly improved by a variety of alternative cures.
The importance of taking responsibility for your own health was again reinforced in my thinking.

I noticed a growing number of disillusioned medical doctors and academics researching, writing books on and practising alternative forms of medicine.
This often cost them their medical licences, academic careers, the goodwill of their peers and slanderous accusations and lawsuits brought by a medical fraternity obsessed with controlling the narrative on health.
The clear motivation of the former was an overriding concern for people, a sentiment noticeably absent in the latter.
The war on holistic medicine was punctuated now and again by sudden government prohibitions and physical swoops on things such as apricot kernels, vitamin B17 and vitamin E oil, some of which had demonstrated near miraculous results for various customers.

While mainstream medical doctors, surgeons, nurses and other professionals are essential and a blessing to any community, and some pharmaceutical drugs are critical to save lives, it is equally important that people remember that health maintenance of the family is their own responsibility.
To be able to fulfil this responsibility, access to all the other options, natural, traditional and a wide range of health information is needed.
Personal health is not an arena, like many others, that the state or an elite few are authorised by God to control.

Where society used to (and in some cases still does) base medical care on tradition and herbs passed down through the generations accompanied by a generous dose of superstition in some instances, the pendelum has swung to the opposite extreme, where now if a cure is not man-made in a laboratory (or it is not patentable) it is branded dangerous quackery or useless by a controlled media.
It is bad business for medicine-producing giants when a cheap herb cures something without side-effects, and years of time and millions of dollars have been spent creating a drug for it (normally with serious side-effects). This is where government control is sought by big pharma and disinformation is spread through the media.

For us, it's all about risk and reward. Do you take a herbal remedy used for thousands of years with no known risks, and benefits which have not been plotted on a graph?
Or do you take a drug which has a 51 per cent chance of removing your symptoms, bundled with a range of known side-effects including death for an unlucky few, and unknown long-term effects for the others?
It's hard to justify taking a man-made drug which may just kill you, for a runny nose, when there are herbs which tradition says will help you and definitely won't kill you.
The real war seems to be whether or not you are allowed to make this choice. This site is for those who want to make their own choice.

I studied mechanical engineering, gaining a diploma and best marks in the country for applied thermodynamics and hydraulics along the way, worked designing precision machines used in metallurgical laboratories, and as a project lead, currently a project and manufacturing engineer in a high-tech titanium aircraft parts manufacturing company.
My passion for research and development extended to the natural health field as well, and as soon as I married and had children I sought to raise them eating healthy foods and living a lifestyle pleasing to and in accordance with the principles given to men by God.

During this quest my wife and I started a family business distributing herbal products, and eventually with the help of excellent herbalists we began improving and formulating our own products.
Being a family man, I naturally tended to look for solutions to the health problems that commonly afflict families.

As soon as I stumbled upon the olive leaf health benefits, I knew this was something special.

In this leaf was the potential to alleviate the most common health problems experienced by today's families.
I set out to develop the strongest, most effective, best quality and yet still affordable olive leaf extract tincture possible.
It had to be able to do all the research suggested it should.
Our revolutionary product was manufactured and in the space of a few years became (and still is) one of the best selling olive leaf extracts in South Africa, sold in small health shops and major discount pharmacies across the country alike, and now also in the U.K.

Having spent years presenting the health benefits of olive leaf extract to homeopaths, pharmacists, doctors, clinics, health shop owners and sales staff and later hearing their amazing feedback, I have seen what a valuable part it can play in family health.
I have had many customers 'phone me with heart-warming stories about what out product has done for them. I only wish I could have recorded them at the time for your benefit.

This site is to spread that information and play a part in helping people take their health back and distinguish between good and inferior Olive Leaf products.

The members of my family very seldom need a day in bed to get over any kind of infection, and to me this is a goal achieved.
Olive leaf extract has really been a blessing to us and I hope it will be the same for you.

Wishing you excellent health.

Terence Hedgcock

Note: Google is penalising health-type websites using artificial intelligence where the owner is not an establishment-qualified health-care professional or peer-reviewed researcher, ostensibly to protect desperate and vulnerable people from seeking cures which may not work, so harming their futures.
It is cryptically referred to as the "relevance" of a website.
I believe what I know is relevant about olive leaf extract, and this relevance has greatly improved the lives of my wife and myself, my children, and many many others from whom I have received feedback.
I have not knowingly made any risky or exaggerated claims, rather playing it safe and believe everyone who reads the information presented has the right to do so and evaluate it against other research however they choose.

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