Olive Leaf powder

A great everyday antioxidant and energising antimicrobial superfood.

Olive leaf powder can be purchased ready-made to be sprinkled on food, taken in smoothies, mixed in juice or even added to or made into a herbal tea.

It can be used to fill your own capsules and in this way you can be sure they contain no undesirable fillers.

When sprinkled on food or mixed in smoothies the taste is disguised and will work much like a pure olive leaf capsule.
For young children it can be mixed with a little honey (in the appropriate dosage).

Although olive leaf powder is usually supplied as ground-up olive leaves, you may come across a concentrated extract powder which is described below.

1. Powdered olive leaf is simply made by crushing dried olive leaves, and is therefore not highly concentrated.
If put into capsules it would be suitable for general health and energy maintenance, or it can be put into new tea bags which can be purchased, to make olive leaf tea.

2. Olive leaf standardised extract powder is altogether another story.
This is a liquid extract of olive leaves which has been freeze-dried to a concentrated powder.
It comes standardised in a variety of strengths which are indicated by the percentage of oleuropein contained in the powdered extract.

Typical concentrations range from 6% to 20%, and the cost varies accordingly.
Recently a 30% concentration has come onto the market which may start finding its way into capsules. This may prove itself in time to be a superior microbe-fighter, or alternatively it may be found that the imbalance with other constituents reduces its overall effectivity.

These olive leaf powders are suitable for making olive leaf capsules for the prevention and treatment of disease, due to their standardised strength.
The high-strength powders are extremely hygroscopic (absorb moisture) and if left in open air soon become like toffee in consistency depending on the prevailing humidity.

You can also add the high-strength powders to your own home made tincture.

While the highly concentrated olive leaf extract powders contain high levels of oleuropein which result in strong antimicrobial activity in your body, they may have lost other important constituents during processing.

They are best mixed with good quality powdered olive leaf (not extract) to ensure the full range of constituents - albeit in a different ratio to the raw herb. This will likely produce a broader range of consistent results.

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