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If you're like me, you are interested in all aspects of life, how to live it to the full, keep healthy and fit, exercise your best talents to make a difference to others, and make life count as much as possible in your unique expression as God's image-bearer.

In this quest, it is inspiring to watch others do the same and benefit from their contribution to life.
Here are links to some excellent resources that challenge the status quo and give hope for the future.

Understand How Your Body Works & How to Look After It

This is a site that will really give you an in-depth understandng of how your body functions in easy-to -understand language. Here is guidance for everyone who is struggling with seemingly insurmountable health issues.

A Wealth of Health information, Exploding Big Corporation and Government Mis-Information.

You will find heaps of researched health information on this site and a critical look at some published mis-information.
Click here

Wholesome and Inspiring Adventure Books for Children

On the search for wholesome and gripping reading for your children??

The adventures of the Baker family captivate children 10 years and upwards (and their parents) awakening them to the challenge and excitement of a life lived by faith in God.
These thrilling Christian adventure books are about normal children achieving exceptional results while building stature and impacting the lives of those around them.

While so many children's books today promote immoral behavior and entice occult practices, these books put on display the supremacy of the outworking of Godly attitudes, character and ethics, over the humanistic idealism that corrupts society.
I dare say that children who read them will never see things in the same way again. Click through here.

More sites to be added


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