This natural antiviral works five different (known) ways against
a broad spectrum of viruses.

In order to understand how this natural antiviral can bring hope and improvement to almost anyone with a virus infection, one needs to know a little of how viruses work.

How do viruses work?

A virus is not alive as we understand life. Outside of a host it is just a speck of DNA or RNA, (genetic material which controls the identity and function of living cells), usually surrounded by a protein coat. It cannot move, divide or do anything by itself.

A virus enters your body through a cut, mucous membrane (mouth etc.), insect bite etc., and moves with body fluids until it is either discovered by your immune system and destroyed or comes across a type of cell to which it can attach.

Different cells have different receptors which attach to proteins and other substances they need, and the virus coat resembles these proteins.

How does olive leaf extract (oleuropein) block this process?

Virus infection is a highly intricate process disrupting the most complex internal cell functions. To stop this process is just as complicated, and with man-made chemicals highly dangerous.

A natural antiviral such as olive leaf extract does it miraculously without posing any danger to the human cells. This in itself is a feat way beyond current human understanding.

Researchers at the Upjohn pharmaceutical company reported the following antiviral effects (in my simpler words) using a salt made from olive leaf ingredients (Calcium elenolate) in laboratory experiments in live tissue. It had antiviral activity against every virus it was tested on and works as follows:

  • Penetrates into host cells and blocks viral replication.
  • Interferes with the virus' production of the proteins it needs. (Interference with the virus' hijacking of your cell function).
  • Inactivates the viruses, preventing their migration from infected cells and their connection with cell membranes.
  • Stops a retrovirus's production of protease and reverse transcriptase - enzymes a retrovirus such as HIV uses to alter the RNA of a heallthy cell.
  • Stimulates the human immune system response (to destroy them).

In short, olive leaf extract ingredients block a virus' life cycle, stop it multiplying then call up immune cells to demolish it.
It will likely do this to a greater or lesser degree to any viral infection, and so offers much hope to those who wish to avoid infections or those who need help in combating them.

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