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Please note that the vast majority of questions asked are already covered on this website. In order to avoid answering the same questions over and again, we would ask you to do a search (there is a menu tab for this) on the site, before asking. Some of the questions are answered in depth on the site and we can't do them justice any other way. Time does not permit us to do the same individually.

Typically, we do not answer requests for "the best product". We do have suggestions on our "Favorite olive leaf products" pages and typically the purpose points to the best form to use which in turn points to the best products for that purpose.
. We also do not answer questions like, "where can I buy this in Timbuktu". We normally have never lived there and would do an internet search ourselves to answer this. You will get an answer quicker if you do this yourself.
Finally, we can't diagnose illnesses or give medical advice. This is reserved for medical practitioners. Any dosage questions are covered under the "dosage" tab, and all we know about drug interactions are covered in the "side-effects" tab.. We are continually adding to the site and invite you to visit us regularly for the updates.

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