Favourite Olive Leaf Products

"Which olive leaf products are the best?". This is the most-frequently asked question in a market where olive leaf products abound!

Here are some that I would pick based on the information on this site. e.g. Organic olive leaves, accurate labelling, ethical manufacturing processes etc.
There is a write-up below on what I would use them for.
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These products have been picked based on the information on this site. e.g. Organic leaves, accurate labelling, ethical manufacturing processes etc.
There is a write-up below with suggestions and comments for each.

note: Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Write-ups plus products available in the UK

  • Brand: Herbal Wellness International

    1. Olive Leaf Tincture 50ml (1.75oz)
      Oleuropein approx. 25mg per 20 drops (approx. 0.75ml).

    Possibly the most highly concentrated tincture available suitable for prevention, acute (short-term) or chronic (ongoing) conditions.
    Contains ethanolic extract of organic leaves (500mg/ml) blended with non-organic standardised olive leaf extract containing 20% oleuropein.(100mg/ml)
    Standardised component ensures a more constant level of active constituents from bottle to bottle and batch to batch for the serious user.
    Strong taste due to high concentration requires dilution in water or juice for the uninitiated.
    High rate of absorption.
    Can be divided into children's doses easily as the dosage form is drops.

    Approx 65 servings of 20 drops per 100ml bottle.
    Contains 36% alcohol (derived from sugar cane) by volume and purified water.
    No preservatives, flavourings, colourants, non GM.
    Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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  • Brand: Gaia herbs

    1. Liquid Phyto-Capsules - vegan, alcohol free. Contains 747mg dry herb equivalent and 50mg oleuropein per capsule. Non-organic but screened for pesticides, microbes and heavy metals.

    This olive leaf product is suitable for prevention, health maintenance and chronic (long-term) infections.

    Being a liquid in softgel capsules they circumvent the bitter taste of olive leaf extract while delivering it in a well-absorbed form.

    I would recommend them to people wanting an effective product for prevention, health maintenance or overcoming an acute condition.
    Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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  • Brand: Natures Answer OleoPein Olive Leaf AF

    1. Vegan-friendly, (almost) alcohol-free Olive Leaf fluid extract, 15ml Oleuropein per 42 drop serving. 2 servings per day, 40 servings per bottle.
    2. Suitable for children and ideal for long-term use.

    These products are suitable for short or long term use, mainly preventive or for chronic conditions and the tincture is suitable for children or others not wishing to consume alcohol.
    Tincture: A dose of 42 drops (1,5ml) is produced from 1500mg of dry olive leaf and is guaranteed to contain at least 15mg of oleuropein.

    The liquid also contains vegetable glycerine, purified water and gum arabic.
    The manufacturer states that the leaves and alcohol used in the extraction are organic, and constituents resulting in the extract are balanced in the same proportions as found in the leaf, which may have unexpected benefits over other products of similar concentration.
    The extract is produced by "bio-chelation" which is a low alcohol cold proprietary process, the alcohol then being mostly replaced with glycerine.

  • Brand: Solgar Olive Leaf Extract Vegetable capsules

    1. Combination capsules - dry olive leaves + concentrated olive leaf extract.
      Yields 13,5mg Oleuropein per capsule from 225mg of concentrated extract and 225mg dry olive leaf powder.

    This product is suitable for prevention, short term use and acute infections in larger doses. It is a balanced product relying on the synergy of the constituents rather than a hefty dose of Oleuropein alone.
    Other constituents; Vegetable cellulose, vegetable magnesium stearate, silica, natural beta-carotene and L-ascorbic acid.

    Quantities of beta carotene and ascorbic acid are not given, but ascorbic acid works well with olive leaf.

    The product label notes not for persons under 18 years of age. Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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  • Brand: Olivus (International delivery.)
    1. Organic olive leaf tea - leaves from own certified organic orchards.
    2. Organic tincture (ethanolic) and Elixir (non-alcoholic)
    3. Organic olive leaf powder - uses same leaves as above
    4. Organic olive leaf capsules - uses same leaves as above
    5. Combination capsules - organic leaves + concentrated non-organic extract. Oleuropein 65-70mg per capsule.
    6. Olive leaf soap - uses same leaves as above
    olive leaf products 1

    Organic olive leaf products are always good to go for.

    These are suitable if you're starting off with olive leaf, for long term and preventative use and the combination capsules are strong enough to get good results in acute disease conditions with sufficient dosage.
    Combination capsules contain approx. 65-70mg oleuropein.
    No fillers or excipients are used in the capsules.
    Suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

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