My Olive Leaf Story---Lee

by Lee Clark
(St. Anthony, Idaho)

I started using Olive Leaf extract made with Apple Cider Vinegar in the middle of August 2015.

The information on the internet explained to me that Olive Leaf will kill Virus, Candida, and Bad Bacteria without damaging good bacteria. I have been using herbs for over fifty years, but somehow have not ever found Olive Leaf.

I'm 74 years of age and for over three years my heart has been beating 115 to 120 beats per minute. They call it tachycardia.

My way of preparing Olive Leaf is to put one pound of Olive Leaf in a bowl and pour in one and a half quarts of Apple Cider Vinegar. It forms a paste. I found if you make the mixture with more vinegar it comes out of solution so I only make it into a paste and keep it in a safe container.

I used the formula wrong for two months, as I took it with other herbs and also with meals. I have learned that the Olive Leaf loses its potency if diluted with other herbs or with food.

For years with this tachycardia I am experiencing weakness, tiredness and often exhaustion, and I wake up in the morning with foggy mind and feeling zonked mentally and physically. Terrible life.

Since I found out how to use the Olive Leaf I am no longer zonked when I wake up, I feel immediately strengthened and can enjoy every day far better. I find that if I take one level teaspoon of the paste morning, mid-day, and evening it takes care of me so very well.

My weight is 180 to 185 lbs. I understand that if you weigh more or less you should change the dose accordingly.

I believe that the reason i'm getting such good results is that the Olive Leaf extract I make kills the Virus, Candida, and Bad Bacteria and perhaps other nasty things in our bodies.

I believe Olive Leaf may tremendously help with almost any disease in the world. My best to all who seek help.

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Separate from meals - interesting!
by: Bengt, Norway

Thanks for an interesting posting.
There are no Olive trees in this country, so I have to use capsules, and I have done that for three / four months now, with some results, but not as much as I could wish.

So your comment on taking the olive extract separate from meals was of great interest. I haven´t seen anyone else mention that. Thank you, I´ĺl try that.

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