Chest Infections

by Daan
(Durban, KZN, RSA)

Hi, I have always been having slumbering or dormant flu-like symptoms & would always get a cold or flu during flu seasons. Usually I would struggle with this flu or cold for a long time & never actually completely get over it properly. I knew it was still there just dormant & waiting to trouble me again. I tried everything I could find but nothing really effectively dealt with my flu-like condition.

One day I thought I just had another chest flu, but strangely it wouldn't clear up. It just became worse & worse & I eventually thought I had lung cancer, because I had a terrible deep cough & I even became dizzy & felt terribly lightheaded & out of breath. I knew something was wrong & had to stop my work immediately & see my doctor.

I was diagnosed with pneumonia & given a course of antibiotics but without avail. Then the strongest antibiotics also without any improvement.
Strangely enough every time I took this strong antibiotic capsule, about 15 minutes after that I was struggling to breath.

My doctor couldn't understand this so he arranged for proper blood tests to see what's the underlying problem.
The blood results showed 4 different conditions: (a) Toxoplasmosis, (b) Coxsackie Virus & (c) the Cytomegalo Virus & (d) a very low white blood cell count(w.o.w) a very weak immune system.

I went to 5 different doctors for help & all of them basically said the same thing. There is basically nothing the medical world can do for you, you'll just have to go & rest & build up your immune system.
One of the doctors, a specialist, told me that I would sit with especially the coxsackie virus alone for at least 2 years.

I am not someone who can be stranded like that for 2-4 years, so I kept on praying & searching for a solution.
Finally I learned about Olive leaf extract by doing a Google search on the coxsackie virus. Amazingly enough after chewing raw olive leaves 8 times a day for one week alone I felt like a new person.
I had never felt so good in 10 years time, or as long as I can remember! I am going again for blood tests just because I am so sure that after having taken Olive leaves that I am rid of all four bad conditions!!!

I think Olive Leaf Extract is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics & immune boosters one can find.


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Thank you
by: Terence

Thank you so much for taking the time to send this inspiring testimonial.

I am sure it will be very helpful to many other people, maybe some who feel in a hopeless situation right now.

God surely answers prayer!

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Bad Cold and Cough

by Healthy Family
(San Francisco, CA)

This was my husbands 2nd bout of a bad cold and cough which is unusual for him. Well the night before he said he coughed all night.

I purchased some Olive Leaf and gave it to him before bed.
No coughing all night.

Praise God for the Olive leaf. Absolutely Amazing.

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Coughing stopped
by: Anonymous

I had coughing for two months and I am not the type to take meds.I wanted a natural cure.
Honey worked for a little while but didn't clear it up.
I read up on olive leaf extract and I bought it and within a day or two my coughing stopped!!

I was shocked! Amazing stuff and I recommend it to everyone :)

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