Olive Leaf Extract for Sore throats, 'Flu and Common Cold symptoms

by Susan McHale
(Winsford, Cheshire, UK)

I've been using olive leaf extract since 2012. I first came across olive leaf extract while studying medical herbalism in New Zealand. I was very impressed with its effectiveness in sore throats, flu and common cold symptoms. The liquid extract was bitter in taste, but its usefulness was incredible.
I used to suffer with respiratory tract infections almost constantly. Olive leaf extract changed that situation. I recommend its use without reservation especially at this worrying time re cornona, Kovid 19 virus that is causing such unprecedented anxiety and physical restrictions as we are all experiencing world wide now.

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Correct information
by: Steve

Yes, this is good medicine.... Always keep it on hand, it'll be your emergency KIT... Steve

Very Good and Interesting
by: Anonymous

The TV stations will keep this corona virus at the top of everyone's list. Almost every story is about this. If you do a little research you will find that by being healthy, (eating right, exercise, using common sense and check out a few of the things that are in place. Such as, Olive leaf Extract, vit c, lots of water, rest. Be smart. You'll get over the taste of Olive leaf Extract within a few doses.

by: Terence

Thanks for your input and encouragement to others.
It works the same for me and I couldn't agree more.

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