Herpes - Saved from Early Death with Olive Leaf

I sat in my bed and prayed to God to let me live more years till my children were grown and they could develop the vaccine for herpes.

I got herpes at 24 from a 29 year old guy that looked really nice. I never new that the herpes virus would dictate the rest of my life but it did.
It decided who I'd date, I didn't want to pass this on to anyone.
It affected my children. I think through birth they have the virus in them and unfortunately I would have to be all alone for the rest of my life if it were the herpes virus.
So even though my children have mild effects such as eczema I dont.
I have, I should say had now full blown herpes. I always felt an outbreak everyday even on 500 per day Valtrex. I had outbreaks on my skin all over my arm, my hand, my back, my thigh, you get the picture. Little tiny outbreaks nobody would notice it just looked like a scrape.
My vaginal outbreak was almost daily. My doctor's only advice was to increase the dose to valtrex 1000.
That's when I firmly said no. I knew that the way this was going the herpes virus was going to kill me. It was about to take over my whole body. I knew 500 didn't work very well so 1000 wasn't going to work either after a while.
500 worked for the first 2 years. Anyway I could feel my eyes being affected by the virus. It got so bad I prayed for something that would hep me live just a little longer.
I found a website about olive leaf extract. I tried it this pass week with major outbreak in the peri area the first few days then now day 5 little tiny mini outbreaks on my back face but they are not severe. Also my peri area has healed and I don't feel like an outbreak.
I feel great.
I feel healthy like me again. I will continue to take this.
I am very very thankful for this medicine. I'm still taking valtrex 500. I need to contain this virus.
I hope I can help someone with this message.

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cure for herpes ...any
by: adrian

I am foreign and English is not my main language but I am able to give you a full cure for your herpes outbreak and be able to finish your nightmare once for ewer

you need this ingredients
1.olive leaf extract minimum 30-40 % and
.olive hydroxytyrosol extract
2. organic bitter melon 10 %
3.organic noni extract
and last lomatium dissectum extract or balsamea fluid
take them every morning for a month,around 100 mg of each and take as well lauricidin with it to solubiliseaza the envelope virus.

after a month go and do a test for any virus ...ANY...THERE VILL BE NO TRACE OF IT!!!

meantime there vill be no outbreak not important what you are eating!

your immune system is the answer and please don't take more than a month for fertility issues

SECOND cure is made from the next tinctures as
black walnut hull,clove and Artemisia 10 drops of this tincture and then add the holly and walnut Bach remedy 10 drops each in a glass of 200 ml clean spring water,this take around 1 month as well

my apologies for my English

by: Anonymous


I was wondering how much olive leaf extract I should take while on valacyclovir for shingles and is it real safe together?


I would not recommend taking them together at all.
Valacyclovir has some potentially serious side-effects and one never knows what may trigger these. There could be an interaction between olive leaf extract and Valacyclovir.

There are a number of very encouraging testimonials concerning the use of olive leaf extract for shingles. I would personally try it instead of the drug treatment. You may need to complete your course of Valacyclovir first - check with your doctor.

More help for Herpes
by: kim

You can also try L-lycine, 1000mg. If I feel an outbreak coming, like itchiness, I start taking 2000- 4000mg every fee hours on a full stomach, or you will get sick to your stomach. The one I use has Vit C & 25 mg zinc. It used to have rose hips. DO NOT EAT CHOCOLATE or NUTS. they cause outbreaks. If you eat some, only eat a little bit & take l-lycine. Never eat nuts & chocolate together. It makes outbreaks worse. I just started olive leaf, it seems to be helping too.

Herpes!!! It works for herpes
by: Anonymous

I have also had herpes for a good ten years.

500 mg of acyclovir some times 3 times per day. I could not get any relief.
I knew I was headed for an early death, but tried everything: H2O2, grape seed extract, Aelo Vera, extra virgin olive oil nothing worked.

I had been searching for years. I was fed up and pleaded to God and his son Jesus Christ to please heal me.
In less than two days, I came acrossed an olive leaf extract website. I bought 2 bottles, 500 mg, of 75 capsules.
Took 2 capsuls, 3 times a day for 3 weeks.

Within a week all bumps were gone. In two weeks 90 percent of irritation was gone and by the end of the 3rd week all irritation was gone.

I now take 4 capsules a day, whenever, and all is well. It has been two months.

In Jesus Christ's name, thank you. I was lost in guilt and pain. Please never stop making this.

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