What is Olive Leaf Extract and
How Do I Use It?

Olive leaf extract helps in situations like;

  • Help! I've caught a virus.
  • I'm coming down with some kind of bug but don't know what it is.
  • I'm going through a stressful change and can't afford to be sick now.
  • I'm speaking at a big conference next week and cannot catch the coughs/colds doing the rounds.
  • My children get sick at least once every winter season.
  • The doctor has said to change my lifestyle or I'll be on blood pressure medication for the rest of my life.
  • I feel tired all the time and nothing seems to help.
  • I have a chronic, debilitating illness due to a weak immune system.
  • The prawns I ate were no good - I feel awful
How can olive leaf extract help?

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This information was collected from customers over a period of more than 15 years by the author who researched, formulated and supplies a top-quality olive leaf extract brand.
Customers have included herbalists, medical doctors, homeopaths, health shops, pharmacy chains, clinics, a dentist and most important, people like you.

Suggestions and recommendations are based on research, personal experience and feedback from customers, either health professionals or users.

What is special about the olive leaf?

The leaves, bark and fruit of olive trees contain compounds which protect it from parasites and disease. These compounds are also some of the most powerful plant antioxidants known.
Some olive trees are believed to have survived for thousands of years, demonstrating the power of these compounds to preserve and protect.

Can I live longer?

Unsurprisingly, men over the ages have tried eating olive leaves in the hopes of reaping similar benefits.
While age-extending properties have not yet been researched, greatly improved health and energy levels reported by many suggest a positive impact on longevity.

Powerful demonstrated antioxidant and antihypertensive properties imply heart and other benefits for which olive leaf has traditionally been used.
Antioxidants are currently believed to play a major role in preserving cells from free radical damage and inhibiting the ageing process.

Finally, strong anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-protozoan and anti-parasitic effects have also been observed in the laboratory, in animal trials and in many thousands of people.

How should I take it?

There are a number of ways to take advantage of these benefits for good health, using capsules, tinctures or drinking olive leaf tea. You can even make your own. This site is intended to give you the best recommendations for each use.

Can my whole family take it?

Can I give it to my children? Does it kill viruses? For how long should I take it? These are a few of the questions discussed on this site.
Olive leaf extract is a highly versatile herb worth its weight in gold as a tool for family health and wellbeing.

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