Frequently asked questions about Olive Leaf dosage, child use and benefits.

Olive Leaf for Children

  • From what age can I give olive leaf extract to my children?

    Tinctures can be given to children from one year old.
    The alcohol should be "flashed off" by pouring a little boiling water on the drops in a small container such as an egg-cup.
    This is not necessary for glycerine-based extracts.
    Carefully observe dosage recommendations on the container or for more details see dosage on this web site.
    Capsules can be opened up to give fractional doses to children but this is only practical with the weaker capsules and children from about 6 years of age.
    Powders can be given as directed on food or in fruit-juice.

  • For how long should I continue?

    This all depends on why you are giving it.
    Olive Leaf can be used for prevention, immune boosting and support in recovery from various illnesses and each use has a different dosage and duration.
    You can read more about uses here, and more details about dosage here.

  • What form is the best for children?

    The liquid forms are easiest to administer to children. They can be divided up easily into small doses and mixed with water or fruit juice.
    Powders or opened capsules can be sprinkled on food or mixed into honey but are a little more difficult to measure into the correct dosage, especially small doses for small children.
    Click on the following links for more information on dosage, tinctures and glycerine extracts.

  • What dosage should I give to children?

    The dosage is age and size related. Use the dosages on the container purchased and read dosage for some additional information.

Olive Leaf Dosage

  • What dosage should I take for sickness?

    Start with the minimum dose for your age given on the container if you are new to this extract. Over a few days work up to the maximum dose for your age until you feel better.
    You may need to slow down if you experience Herxheimers reaction - see what to do on the "side-effects" link below.
    Continue with a middle-of-the-range dose for a further week after you feel better.
    If you are used to taking it, you can go straight to the maximum dose for your age until better and continue on a medium dose for another week.
    Read more about side-effects and dosage.

  • For how long should I take it?

    This depends on why you are taking it. For details see "Duration" on the dosage link here.

  • Should I take it with or between meals?

    Between meals is best for tinctures, powdered olive leaf capsules and combination powdered olive leaf and concentrated extract capsules. Some people find that capsules made only from concentrated extract are harsh on the stomach. These can be taken with meals but you may lose some of the benefit of the high strength.

  • How much oleuropein should I take?

    Guidelines on the amount of oleuropein to take are detailed under dosage

  • What dosage should I take for prevention?

    Normally the lowest age-related dose on the container will be sufficient. For more information see dosage

  • Can elderly people take olive leaf extract?

    Yes they can, but first check to see if they are on other medication which could cause interactions.
    This is expanded on under side-effects and dosage.

    A good option is to take olive leaf tea at a pleasant-tasting strength. This will not be too strong and will gradually improve overall health.
    It may also give an indication as to whether taking capsules or tinctures would cause any initial reactions.

  • What dosage should I give my pet?

    Olive leaf extract has been tested on dogs, cats, rabbits and rats to gauge its effect on certain health disorders.
    No damaging side-effects have been reported.
    Dried ground-up leaves have also been given to horses, cattle and sheep in their feed with no reported ill-effects.
    In working out a dosage, write down the appropriate adult human dosage for the desired effect.
    Then work out the animal dose in proportion by weight.
    For full-grown large animals such as horses and cattle, start with a big human-sized dose.

    An adult human dose of a particular product for an infection could be 90 drops per day.
    Take adult weight as 60kg (132lb). (O.K. that's wishful thinking for some but pets are normally slim).
    The small animal weighs 3kg (6.6, say 7 lb).
    Ratio of animal weight to adult weight = 3/60 = 7/132 = 0.05 times.
    Animal dosage = 0.05 x 90 drops = 4.5 drops say 5 or 6 drops per day.

    This guideline can be varied as in humans to find the optimum dose - visit dosage for more details on this.

Benefits & Uses of Olive Leaf Extract

  • What are the main benefits?

    Broadly speaking, they are antimicrobial, antioxidant and heart benefits.
    It is used to combat a wide range of illnesses, protect and promote heart health and ease arthritic inflammations and pain.
    To find out the details follow this benefits link.

  • What are the main uses?

    The benefits and properties above translate into many preventative, health-promoting and curative day-to-day uses.
    It is these practical uses that seem to have no end to them. People are forever trying olive leaf for new things with surprisingly good results.
    Here is a list of common uses to keep a family healthy but this only scratches the surface. There are other uses for animals and pets, commercially and at home.


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