Toe Fungus and Olive Leaf extract soak

by Cyndi
(Salem, VA)

Would it be effective to soak toe nails that have that yellowing fungus in an olive leaf solution? If so, what proportions of which olive leaf form and warm water? Thanks!

It is very effective to apply an Olive leaf extract tincture (ethanolic) to the affected area directly and undiluted. Done twice a day it can get rid of it in a few days, depending on the severity of the infection.
The olive leaf tincture tends to soak into the nail, especially the parts that are softened or roughened and sits there so that the fungus can't spread or survive.

Depending on how deep the fungus is, it may take longer to deal with. If the nail is powdery, scrape the surface away before applying the olive leaf tincture so it can soak down to the bottom layers.

Warm water solution may work but I think the solution would end up too dilute to have the desired effect. It may be an idea to soak the whole toe in olive leaf/water solution then pat dry and apply the tincture on top of that.
Once it dries (which an ethanolic Olive leaf tincture will do quite quickly), it forms a very fine layer that continues to work. This is the kind of aggressive, relentless treatment needed for toenail fungus.

If you wish to make it even more effective, you can soak a small amount of cotton-wool in Olive leaf extract tincture and wrap it over the toenail/s affected with the fungus and secure with a plaster. The idea is to keep it moist for longer.

If you can possibly apply the tincture three times a day to the toenail fungus, even better, but this may not be convenient if you work in a company.

Note: your toes will look a little green during the Olive leaf treatment which may not look too appealing if you wear open shoes.

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