Thyroid nodules

by Melanie
(Newnan , Georgia)

I just started taking barlean's olive leaf extract for upper respiratory infection that I just could not get over.

I started taking it last night and have been amazed at the results already. I started reading testimonials On the Internet.

I have a thyroid nodule that came up about 6 years ago and the Drs check it once a year. It is benign but I am trying to find a natural way to dissolve it completely .

Have you ever heard of this supplement dissolving or even shrinking thyroid nodules ?


I have never heard of olive leaf extract dissolving thyroid nodules. There have been a number of queries regarding this but I have had no feedback to date. It would be great if you let us know how yours does on olive leaf extract.

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Re: thyroid
by: Elwanda

I have learned that floride in the water is very detrimental to the thyroid as I personally found out.

Thyroid nodules
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with thyroid nodules a year ago. I have been taking fresh olive leaves from my trees, I blend about 200 in small batches and put them in a glass jar in fridge. Taking heaped teaspoon twice a day for a month now. Will see if it has made a difference when I have my blood tests and ultrasound later this month.

Will get back to you.


Thanks Joan. We'll be interested to know.

I have never heard of olive leaf doing anything for thyroid nodules but it keeps surprising me so I'll never say never.

thyroid nodule
by: sylvia


I also have a nodule on the thyroid - originally it was called a tumour, but when found to be benign they called it a nodule. I take the usual Euthyrox 50, 5 days a week, and wonder if using the olive leaf extract would be beneficial.


I don't know, it may be, but my first instinct would be to make sure I'm getting enough iodine in my diet.


by: Terence

Hi Melanie,

I have never heard of thyroid nodules before now.

If the olive leaf you are taking helps, we would love to know.



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