Taking olive leaf extract powder 20% in an enema

by Anonymous
(Egremont, Cumbria, england)

I do almost daily coffee enemas as I have a damaged migrating motor complex most likely due to virus ultimately affecting the gut micro biota and then the nerves. I have felt nausea and weak after taking an olive leaf extract capsule by seeking health. Can it be taken in my daily coffee enema or water enema to avoid the stomach irritation?

Firstly, I would question whether the olive leaf extract is causing stomach irritation or a Herxheimer reaction. It sounds like it could be the latter.

Secondly, you could try taking the powder with food or try capsules containing a weaker extract or only ground olive leaves to alleviate irritation if that is what it is. A 20% powder is very strong to take on its own. An ethanolic tincture would probably be fully absorbed and cause less/no irritation. A glycerin tincture may also work.

Finally, you could probably add olive leaf to an enema but I don't know how much would be absorbed in the colon. I suspect an ethanolic tincture would be better in this case too but you could try the powder.

May 09, 2016 - more info on olive leaf reaction

Hi, I took it with a meal and felt the reaction within minutes. Could it be killing bugs so quickly and causing nausea and light headedness?

I have not experienced any side effects with night time enema but I have noticed I sleep better after taking it in enema form so that's a bonus and perhaps indicative of its absorption??


That does seem to be too quick for a Herxheimer reaction. I think it is too strong for you to take orally.
It does appear to be helping you in the enema so that seems to be a good way to go. It must be getting absorbed to some extent which is very interesting and a possible solution for others who feel nauseous when taking it.

Thanks for the feedback.

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