Staph infection

I used powdered Olive leaf to cure severe. Staph infection.

Had sores all over from rough tropical camping and spear fishing. They were infected, cratered, and oozing.

1 tbsp 3x/day for a week powdered leaf in water.. no sugar, increase veggies n protein. Used it to cure me systemically, and thyme essential oil locally on wounds. Healed right up.

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Different products
by: Terence

I have put a selection of products on my "Favourite Olive Leaf Products" pages.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but gives a range of products that should work well for their targeted use, for example as a daily tonic, or as a strong antimicrobial.
It is also intended to indicate the type of thing you should look out for in the wider realm of olive leaf products.

Any reputable brand should work, but "reputable" has the kind of clues that this list portrays.

Answer this.
by: Steve

I love all the stories about all the cures. I need to know about different brand names all of us use so that I can build up my arsenal for the good fight. I have only used Barleans complex, liquid. I would like to know which works and which don't. This will save alot of time and money on going from one product to another. UNLESS all products work equally.



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Olive Leaf Extract for Mastitis

I have 2 young boys, one of whom I am still nursing at 2&1/2 yrs old, and I have had about 3-4 breast infections (mastitis) over the last few years which were severe and landed me in the emergency room where they treated me with antibiotics. With the most recent one, since studying herbalism, I didn't want to go the same route, but the infection hit so fast and so severe that I still had to go to the hospital where they gave me a dose of antibiotics again.

However, determined to not compromise my system with over use of drugs (4 times a day for a week?! Really?) I started an olive leaf supplement instead and now, thanks to this wonderful herb, my infection has gone down and I've been spared the nausea and intestinal damage normally done by prescribed antibiotics.

Olive leaf extract supplement paired with coconut oil applied topically is a good tag team against mastitis at any point if the infection is not so severe and it is good after having the initial dose of antibiotic in severe cases in order to not need to continue the antibiotic, while still allowing the infection to heal properly and naturally without compromising the system.

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Olive leaf extract dosage questions
by: Anonymous


What dosage of olive leaf extract did you use to combat mastitis? I've had recurrent mastitis recently and they had me on a low dose antibiotic for a month and I can feel the plugged ducts already starting now that I finished the meds two days ago. I do not want to go on any more antibiotics for this but need something to keep it away!! Also, can I take olive leaf extract for months at a time until I finish nursing?

To answer the second part, there are no clinical trials to prove safety or not when taken during breast-feeding, so it's your call. it will likely get into the breast milk.

I do know of people who have taken it at a low dosage (see dosage page "maintenance dose") while breast-feeding with no apparent ill-effects but this does not guarantee it for everyone over the long-term.

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