Sinus and anxiety in children

I have a 9 year old with terrible sinus problems. She is also very anxious from feeling sick a lot of mornings and worrying about going to school.
Would olive leaf extract be useful for her?

The first question is has she has seen the doctor, and the next is she on any medication?
If a doctor has confirmed the diagnosis and she is currently not on any medication, then olive leaf extract could be of great benefit.

To get to the root of the problem, most continuous sinus problems originate in or are exacerbated by an unsuitable diet for the person concerned, or they are exposed to surroundings, preservatives or medication which triggers allergic reactions.

A common problem is intolerance to milk products and gluten. This gives rise to excessive mucous produced by the body and clogged sinuses result which are a breeding ground for bacteria.
In addition to this, the gut ends up with an unhealthy ratio of harmful to beneficial bacteria leading to poor nutrition (Especially vit B6) and an overload of toxic substances absorbed into the blood stream.
Ongoing stress/bad eating habits/medication/preservatives/environmental poisons throw your gut bacteria out of balance, favoring the harmful
They produce an overload of toxins. Your immunity, digestion and absorption of nutrients suffers(80% of your immunity resides in your gut).
Your body becomes overloaded with toxins.
This is enough to make anyone feel poorly and the lack of B-vitamins can result in tension and anxiety. I would supplement her diet with a natural/food-based vitamin B complex product.

Chlorine in swimming pools and other chemicals are also known to cause inflammation and mucous production in the nasal passages and sinuses of some people (I'm one of them) so the obvious fix here is a nose clip and earplugs while swimming.

Finally, have you considered home education?

Nov 03, 2014 Intracellular Pathogens
by: Anonymous

Hi there,

My son is 10 an he has had chronic sinus infections with anxiety.
He was recently diagnosed (with Elisa testing) as having two intracellular pathogens; Chlamydia pneumonia and mycoplasma as well as recurrent EBV.

I would have her tested.

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