by Betty
(Suquamish, Wa. USA)

Trying to find something that will take away the pain from shingles. Have had it for 2 yrs. now and nothing has helped. Any thoughts on this from anyone would be appreciated if Olive Leaves have worked for you.

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Olive leaf extract and hirudoid cream
by: Anonymous

I have used the meds but also olive leaf extract 6 a day and have also cut the olive leaf extract open to put some on topically.
Pain reduced a lot and no new blisters
I also used hirudoid cream for some nerve or muscle pain and thta gives instant relief.
Also used manuka honey on the blisters which seems to help in drying out
And lugols iodene on skint
Im still early stages but think it all works.
Hope this helps someone.

by: Anonymous

An MD put me onto Olive leaf extract many years ago to combat shingles. Having suffered from shingles for the last 20yrs at least & sometimes up to twice per year in the head.
Olive leaf is the only thing that kills the pain. Vitamin C to the point of diarrhea or very loose & Zinc tablets to reduce stress levels. The shingles should be gone normally in 24hrs. Especially if you get onto it just as the pain starts. You will get to know the symptoms. Not all Olive lessf tablets are the same, so pick the ones that are the strongest. Normally 3-4 tablets per day, plenty of fluids, which will mean plenty of trips to bathroom. Olive leaf is also very effective in fighting sinus & hay fever problems too.

You can fix the rash but it wont fix ur issues
by: Seb

Just wanted to let you know as I am treating my first outbreak, that treating the effect without treating the cause could make it so it never goes away. There are multiple books available which delve deeper into the psychological reason behind all illnesses and often changing your ways can make a bigger impact than any medication. Mainly its a mechanism your body uses to tell your mind you need LESS STRESS. The reason for that stress vary wildly but in general its your body telling your mind to change something which is bothering you a lot, sometimes even if dont realize it.

Now using Olive leaf, colloidal silver and two other natural meds from Holland which are not available in N. America. Its also important to change your diet, staying away from sugar and some other things and its easy to find which food will help reduce the state you are in. I read to try and eat a mainly alkaline diet, it is said not one disease can survive in a non-acidic environment. Go here for recipes : ty's concious kitchen

Good luck

Wonderful supplement
by: Liz

I was using Aloe Vera gel on the rash but couldn't tolerate the Aciclovir. A friend recommended olive leaf extract and within 48 hrs I stopped the pain relief medication I'd been taking for almost 3 weeks.

by: Kim

Apple cider vinegar baths; 2-3 cups in the bath and soak for at least 20 minutes. That combined with Olive Leaf Shingles cleared up within 2 weeks! !

Olive Leaf MIRACLE for Shingles treatment and relief
by: Anonymous

I am 40 years old. Diagnosed with shingles a few dats ago but the pain started a week before the rash appeared on my right side in abdominal area. Pain was so severe that I thought I had appendicitis, ovarian cyst or a kidney stone. I've had a kidney stone and ovarian cysts in the past for which I've been hospitalized and have even had surgery. I also suffer from migraines. I was given the anti-viral meds along with prescription narcotic painkillers at tge ER for the shingles. The internal pain was still severe even with the pain killer. My rash is not as severe. The internal pain on my right side was excruciating. I began to research natural products to help boost my healing. After a lot of reading on different sites and reference to medical studies, I learned that the olive leaf breaks down the outer hard surface of the shingles virus allowing the prescription anti-viral meds to more powerfully do their job and allows your immune system to better attack it as well. So this is my simplified explanation but the olive leaf really does have a purpose for why it works. My husband bought an organic brand and I immediately took two pills. Within 5 hours, my pain was completely gone!!! I am continuing to take at least 4 a day until my rash subsides and will continue the prescription anti-viral medication. Research also has shown a reversal in HIV-1 infections and reversal of the virus in the body and has shown to prevent and attack the flu virus to name a few. I decided to take the time to write this review so it can hopefully help someone else. I'm writing this 24 hours after starting olive leaf and my pain is still 100% lifted. I firmly believe it's the olive leaf. My migraines associated with this shingles attack have also subsided and I've taken no other pain medication, not even over the counter. Considering the pain I was in, I find this to be near miraculous.

Wife's Shingles - Female area
by: Anonymous

We were told to use steroids. The cream was worthless. She got the most healing benefit from "Apple Cider Vinegar" mixed with filtered water at a ration of 1TBS to 3TBS and applied topically every 2hours. This was alternated with Tumeric mixed with coconut oil, water, and black pepper. Ratio: 1/2 cup organic turmeric to 1 cup of water heated on low heat to thicken into a paste for about 7 minutes. You want it a bit loose like good gravy. Then add 1/2 cup coconut oil and 1 tsp or black pepper. Mix throughly. Put in storage container. Apply to shingles. Wear gloves and protect bed, etc. Stains. Takes out the pain and swelling. Apply alternately with the vinegar solution.

Week three applying Olive Leaf Extract made with two capsules opened and powder mixed with 2 TBS olive oil. Stir to mix and infuse for at least 3 hours. Amazing results. This has replaced the turmeric and vinegar now. Be sure to mix enough ahead to have on hand through the night. Also, take two Olive Leaf Extract capsules every 4 hours for at least two days and reduce to 3 times a day.

vinyl gloves a must for all. A kitchen garbage bags with an old towel on the bed or chair. It all stains.

by: Anonymous

I am sorry to be so ordinary, but when strong painkillers didn't help my shingles pain I took regular aspirin. It didn't get rid of it completely, but decreased it by at least 50%.

by: Anonymous

Mother-in-law 89 years of age with shingles on right side of face. Apart from mainstream medication Prednisone and Valtrax we have used Olive Leaf Extract (15% wanted 20% Oleuropein) 4 capsules 6 times a day without food. As well as supplementary vitamins suggested on the net (e.g. proteolytic enzymes, colloidal silver, Vit C, E B's pantothenic acid, brewers yeast, liquid greens...

Her request for pain relief tablets began to fall the day we got a therapeutic dose of Olive Leaf Extract into her (about 4 days after blisters appeared) and 3 days later no pain relief tablets taken, she has mild sense of pain still in her forehead.
Also using emu oil on blisters

B 12 is your friend
by: Anonymous

An injection of 1200mcg of B12 does wonders for shingles. If given at the first sign of breakout it will dry them right up, however it needs to be given once a week if they still linger or are slow in disappearing.

Vitamin E
by: Anonymous

My daughter was diagnosed with Shingles few years ago when she was a teen.
I read somewhere that vitamin E can treat it and reduce the pain, I started giving her between 400 to 800 international units of vitamin E, plus put the vitamin e on the painful areas where the Shingles boils were showing and the painful areas.

I did that every day for about a month; the pain was gone before the end of one week, but I continued the topical treatment, and the infected areas bumps and boils were gone after about a month. This happened to my daughter more than twenty years ago, the Shingles never came back.

I suggest continuing to take 400 IU of vitamin E every day, as a maintenance treatment after the one month initial treatment.

by: Anonymous

Lemon balm extract is amazing for shingles and herpes simplex

It works!
by: Elaine

After getting shingles and being in so much pain, I started researching. I learned about Olive leaf extract and started taking it. The Dr. said shingles could last from 6 months to 2 years. I said, I don't think so. After 6 weeks shingles and sensitivity was gone. Now I take olive leaf extract regularly. I never want the shingles again. I also believe it keeps me from getting flu and other things.

Pain from Shingles
by: Terence

We are aware that a few customers have used our olive leaf extract tincture for shingles. We have not promoted it for shingles but have started getting good feedback.

1. When taken early on it apparently reduced the duration and severity of the attack. This is hard to prove but was the belief of the lady concerned.

2. We gave some via a friend to a young man well into a severe attack. Over about two or three weeks it completely cleared up. Apparently the rash went half way around his waist and was excruciating but he was of the opinion that it was the olive leaf extract that cleared it up.
Once again there is no way of knowing whether it would have cleared up by itself in the same time or not.
Dr. Morton Walker in his book "Olive Leaf Extract" lists shingles (Herpes Zoster) among the conditions for which olive leaf extract acts as an antimcrobial agent.

It seems to have helped some people with shingles pain as well.

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