Since Sarcoidosis is said to be an over active immune system or auto immune disease would taking Olive Leaf Extract make this disease worse or better? I have been told that some things like vitamin C help the immune system so; how can one know the difference of whether something will support the immune system or boost the immune system in an adverse way?

If you look at the question submitted by M.L. Godwin I deal with the question of Sarcoidosis as far as I can. In short, olive leaf extract is not an immune system modifier other than to stimulate phagocytosis. It does have properties which may well help alleviate Sarcoidosis.
One would have to try a weak olive leaf extract product or olive leaf tea to see if it helps you.
An internal cleansing program and consumption of cultured vegetables to provide beneficial gut bacteria may settle the immune system in the long run.
Proteolytic enzyme supplements may also help tone down an overactive immune system without reducing its ability to protect you where you need it.
I think this is preferable to looking for a single herb or drug to cure you in the long term.

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