Sarcoidosis and Olive Leaf Extract

by M. Godwin
(Gloucestershire .uk)


I am 71 years old, have sarcoidosis, prostate cancer apparently slow growing and generally poor health and catch everything.
Could I benefit from olive leaf while autoimmune as I was told not to take echinacea?

Thanks, Mike


Olive leaf does not stimulate the immune system as echinacea does, although it does stimulate phagocytosis, which is the engulfing and digesting of bacteria, dead cells etc. which is part of the immune function.
Olive leaf is not generally contraindicated in the case of autoimmune diseases.
It does have anti-inflammatory properties which would likely be of benefit in sarcoidosis treatment.

In your case, it would also help fend off many common infections to which you are prone.

Because in understanding the cause of sarcoidosis there are more questions than answers, it would be advisable to proceed with caution.
If it were me I would check with my doctor for possible clashes with my existing medication, and then start off with an organic olive leaf tea. Although any effect would take days or weeks to show, one could stop taking it in good time if adverse reactions were experienced.
If good results are obtained, one could then move on to organic olive leaf capsules or tincture and slowly increase dosage until all the benefits of olive leaf kick in.

This may not be the case with you, but in natural medicine understanding autoimmune diseases are often seen as the result of a hopelessly overloaded and over-stimulated immune system.
A starting point for recovery would be a natural colon cleansing and restoration program followed by liver, kidney and blood detoxification. Regaining a healthy colon function and restoring the beneficial gut bacteria takes a big load off the immune system, and digestive enzyme supplementation further reduces the incidence of incompletely digested proteins in the blood which your immune system has to deal with.
As toxic substances are removed from your body you would probably find the sarcoidosis and cancer become things of the past.

In the long term, we are looking at a lifestyle change in terms of what you eat and drink for optimum health. No herb or medicine can take the place of that.

Best regards.

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