Rivaroxiban (Xeralto) and Olive Leaf Extract, Contraindications?


I am wanting to take Olive Leaf extract to treat thrush and possible parasites, but I have autoimmune conditions, one of which creates my blood to clot (APLS) and I am treating with Rivaroxiban (Xeralto), the other is Hashimoto's Disease for which I take Thyroxine and the third autoimmune condition is Coeliacs Disease which is controlled with a gluten free diet. I'm not sure if there are any contraindications I need to be aware of, can you advise? I've heard taking tonic that boost your immune system is contraindicative if your immune system is in overdrive with autoimmune conditions?
I'm also not sure if the meds I'm on will clash with Olive Leaf extract? I know I couldn't use it with Paraffin, but not sure about the Xeralto??


This question can't be answered with any certainty.
Autoimmune diseases are generally caused by an overload of pathogens and toxins in the body.
In dealing with the overload, some of which are imposters pretending to be your own cells, your immune system is faced with an impossible task.

As olive leaf extract has a potential blood-thinning action, it may increase the Xeralto side-effects which are not good.
It could on the other hand help with thrush, coeliacs disease and parasites, but would generally require high doses to deal with this.

I would think the safe answer is to ensure you are on a good diet, and combine your foods correctly.

Probiotics or cultured vegetables may help a lot with this. Remember we have more bacteria in our gut than we have cells in our bodies, and it's essential that these bacteria are the beneficial ones which are essential for good health. I suspect your medication is throwing out this balance hence the thrush.

Progressive detox programs followed by healthy eating should reduce your reliance on drugs, then it will be safer to take herbal medication to help achieve the correct balance of gut bacteria.

If you do decide to take olive leaf extract, inform your doctor so your side-effects and drug dosage can be monitored.

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