Raw olive leaves

Is it safe to eat raw olive leaves from the tree and if so how many should be eaten per day for fibromyalgia?


Yes it is safe, provided the trees or nearby trees have not been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals, and you are not on heart or other medication.
Pick clean healthy leaves.
The leaves are rather bitter so I would suggest making them into a tincture as shown on this site, or drying them and making tea or capsules.
If you wish to eat them, start off with about 1 - 3 grams of fresh leaves per day, slowly increasing to up to 6 - 8 grams per day.
If you feel better after a few weeks, you can reduce the dosage by about half, or whatever level you find maintains your wellbeing.
If you dry the leaves first, halve the above weights.

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Yellowing of the tongue
by: campingamy

The yellowing of your tongue is a indication of a fast candida die off. The candida is dying off and you body is extracting it through the tongue and stool.
A fast die off can make you feel sick as well. In order to ease up your symptoms, you want to do a slow die off. You need to take less olive leaves in a day, for a longer period of time. 3 fresh leaves 3 times a day, is a high dose.
I hope this helps you out.

For candida
by: Anonymous

Try raw garlic chewing with food

How many Olive leaves
by: Anonymous


How many leaves can you eat per day? or how many leaves in 3 grams?


It would depend on how dry or how big the leaves are.
The best would be to weigh a bunch of leaves on a postal scale, count them and work out the approximate weight per leaf.

I would start off on 1 gram 2-3 times a day if fresh, about half of that if dry.
When you are used to them this could increase to about 3 grams 3 times a day for a max. dosage. (Halve that for dry leaves).

Possible explanations
by: Terence

Hi Vered,

I can think of a few possible explanations, but these would have to be verified by testing.

Is it possible the candida was building up slowly over the 6 months since your last test? The olive leaves may have caused them some damage/dislodged them from the intestinal walls resulting in toxins being released with unusual symptoms and a higher level in the stool.

If it was indeed simply a sudden buildup occurring during the week you took the olive leaves,this could be a possible reason - certain fungi proliferate when they are under attack in order to dilute the effects of the anti-fungal. Yeasts are closely related to fungi and may do the same thing. I have not checked to see if there is any research to confirm this with candida.

The effectiveness of olive leaf depends on the quality of the leaves.
Certain cultivars contain more active ingredients than others and the time of when year they are picked also has an effect.
Your reaction could indicate that it was working but with too low a dosage, or it needed longer to take control of the situation. You would have to chew the leaves very well to extract what is needed which I doubt is a very pleasant experience.
In your case it may be better to take a standardised manufactured version of olive leaf containing a known amount of oleuropein, or a very good quality organic product which would also be more consistent.
I heard of a case in some ways similar to yours before but it involved a latent viral infection.
Olive leaf seems to find all kinds of things lurking in us.

Hopefully your leaves had not been sprayed with something that made your tongue go yellow.

If you are struggling to find a solution and do wish to try again, I would use a known olive leaf extract product for a longer perod of time and compare the results. Oregano oil is also very potent. It would help to have a physician monitor this who could check what is actually going on.

You may already do this but I would also suggest eating suitable fermented foods which increase the probiotic colonies in your intestines as well as taking good quality probiotic formulas and foods which supply prebiotics.

It certainly seems there is still something preventing the natural balance of gut flora being maintained in your system

All the best and I hope you find your solution.

Best regards.

Candida & olive leaves
by: vered

I suffer from intestinal candida for a few years now. I follow the correct diet & take all the supplements with only moderate results (I'm in great health & physical shape otherwise :))

After coming across the olive leaf info I started ingesting 3 fresh leaves x3 times a day for a week - after the second day my tongue became slightly yellowish, by the end of a week it was a dark yellow...I stopped the regiment & did a stool test at the same Candida lab I had in the past - the tests came back showing a very high level of Candida albicans in the stool compared with a moderate amount 6 month before...(XX vs XXXX).

Not sure what happened there, I thought it would help kill it off but just made it worse, if anyone has an educated guess/idea I would love to hear about it :) (veredko1@yahoo.com)
Be well!

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