Question about nausea.

by Greg
(Ramona, CA)

Last year I took six 500 mg. OLE capsules per day with no side effects. Went off for a few months and then started again. This time I took one and after two hours became violently ill for a few hours; until it was gone, I think. Tried it again with part of a capsule - same result. Any suggestions? I'd like to use it again if I can stop the vomiting.

Assuming the capsules are the same brand that you took previously, and have not been contaminated in the mean time somehow, (even the outer capsule), and you have not started taking any other medication, I'd guess you have become intolerant to olive leaf.
I have never heard of this happening before, even with people who take it permanently but it may be possible.

A similar thing happened to my whole family taking organic chlorella powder. We were fine for a week then suddenly all of us started throwing up on the same day. I tried a smaller dose again a week later in case it was something we all ate and I had the same result. The powder may have had some organism growing in it that reached a toxic level, although intolerance to chlorella is fairly common.

Perhaps other people will comment when they see this post and we can ascertain if yours is an isolated incident or something that others have experienced.
I can only otherwise suggest you try a tincture - in a much diluted small dose - to see if it could be the product itself.

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by: Anonymous

A similar thing has been happening to me with a different brand of Olive Leaf extract. I had completed two bottles with no issues and then I stopped. When I resumed after 2 months, I started throwing up within minutes of taking it. It didn’t last long though, as soon as I could see the capsule was out of my system, I started feeling well.
This has happened twice.

severe reaction
by: mariann

This site is a great help! I decided to add Olive Leaf Extract to my regimen because of mild intestinal cramping I had been experiencing for several weeks. I was/am also taking oregano oil and garlic extract. Note that I had used this combination before with no problem, although I had taken the olive leaf tincture. This time I bought capsules of the OL extract. About 2 hrs after taking 1 capsule with a meal, I experienced severe stomach cramping followed by nausea and vomiting that wouldn't stop for hours. I also got severe watery diarrhea and intense chills. After about 6 hrs, the symptoms gradually stopped but I feel very weak this morning. I probably would have blamed it on contamination if I hadn't found this site. Strong die off reaction seems more likely. I'll get the tincture and try that again but I won't take the capsules again!

Capsules too strong
by: Terence

I always recommend starting on small doses, and even 20% oleuropein strength capsules are in my opinion too strong for the stomach to start with, and for some people too strong always.

It would be better to take a combined capsule containing a small amount of extract, say 250mg of 6-14% oleuropein strength with 250mg raw olive leaf per capsule.

I think this would eliminate a lot of problems.Some people also are allergic to olive tree pollen and I suspect this could be the cause of the violent throwing up some people experience. Perhaps they are also allergic to something in the leaves, or dare I say pesticide/fungicide traces?

This is normally tested in the powdered extracts which are supplied with a certificate but possibly there are some exceptions or they are present in the raw leaf component. It is better if the raw leaf component is organically grown if the leaves are not tested by the manufacturer.

Extreme Vomiting
by: Nancy

I read online it was great for lowering blood presssure. I had taken olive leaf for years but
only took a couple of capsules standardized to
maybe 19% oleuperin. The article suggested a much
higher percentage and to take a number of capsules
to lower blood pressure.
I only took the one recommended dose and kept
vomiting till it was out of my system.
I believe a high dosage is what did it for me.

Severe vomiting after taking olive leaf 500mg
by: Anonymous

I was taking olive leaf 500mg for thrush and finding it beginning to help after I'D been on it for a while. However, I was experiencing low levels of nausea so stopped taking it to see if it was the olive leaf. When it had settled, a few weeks later I decided to take one again to see if the nausea recurred. Within a very short time of taking it I began to feel very nauseous, and then was sick 5 times over the next few hours - something that had never happened to me in my life before. Afterwards I threw out all my olive leaf and won't be taking it again. It was a shame because I do think it was helping the thrush.


I believe thrush is tied to gut health, and olive leaf can have a strong effect on intestinal yeast infections, causing a release of toxins (see Herxheimer reaction). This would account for the nausea etc.

Improving gut health through diet and probiotics is always part and parcel of the way to tackle thrush, and may often be a better starting point than an initial all-out attack with olive leaf.

I hope your situation has since been resolved.

I've had the same issues
by: E.L. Bresette-Hamann

I have had the same issues. I was taking (1) Olive Leaf Extract capsule, 750 mg with 20% oleuropein. I took it for about 3 months and although I felt a bit nauseated I never threw up or had diarrhea. I discontinued taking for a month and started up again but this time I threw up within an hour of taking the capsule and I continued to throw up for 7 hours and also had diarrhea. I thought it was an isolated instance so tried again the following night. Same thing and it was horrible!!!! It was the same brand from the same bottle. I tried a lower dose of 500 mg. and the same thing happened. I want to continue taking Olive Leaf for it's many benefits. I have ordered tea and will try that to get my body used to Olive Leaf starting at lower doses. I have also ordered Olive Leaf extract to see if my body handles that better since I can control the amount that I take. I haven't received them yet and will give you an update once I start taking the tea and the extract.

If this happens, try something else.
by: Terence

I think if you start getting ill from taking Olive Leaf Extract, and you have successfully taken it before it's not a die-off reaction, and it's better to try something else.

This obviously happens to some people - it happened to me with another herb - if I now take one small dose I throw up after a few minutes. It's as if my body has become intolerant to it.

I have taken Olive Leaf Extract in tincture form for about 20 years and have no problem with it. I let my body dictate. It knows what it wants.

Olive leaf extract pills
by: Anonymous

I am glad I found this site. I also use to take these pills (250mg)for over 6 months no problem. Stopped for a month or 2 started back up and within 2 hrs I get violently sick for a couple hours don't feel good until next day. Same dosage same brand I'm not on another medication or supplements. I waited a few months tried again same thing. Its now been 1-1/2 years decided try one more time lower dose 125mg same thing...I'm done can't deal with this. Shame because when I could take it I lost little weight, felt good and it helped my BP.

by: Terence

I personally favour a strong ethanolic tincture, the reason being you can start off with small doses and let your body get used to it, have a minor die-off if that is going to happen, and have less severe symptoms if it doesn't agree with you.
It also doesn't need bulking and flowing agents which capsules normally contain.

I have taken it for over 17 years now in small and large doses and it is an absolute blessing to have.

A small number of people are not able to take it, but I think that sometimes it is because you can get very strong capsules that, while they don't absorb so well can be too harsh on the stomach.

This is only an observation and I may be wrong, but the problem seems to occur more with capsules than with a tincture.

My experience with olive leaf.
by: Anonymous

I too have experienced severe vomiting,and diarrhea about 2 hours after consuming olive leaf capsules. The first time it happened was after taking the last two capsules left in the bottle.
I wrote it off as a stomach virus.
About a week later I opened a new bottle of olive leaf,and took only one capsule. Again I got horribly sick, with vomiting,diarrhea, chills, and sweating.I've never experienced anything like it before. I've learned my lesson,and will never take olive leaf again.
Added: I'm not on any prescription medication, so interactions with other medications can be ruled out.

by: Terence

This is more what to expect for die-off symptoms, but seldom causing vomiting.

by: Terence

Thank you for the feedback. It seems to reinforce why some people experience nausea/vomiting when taking olive leaf extract- an underlying problem in the gastro-intestinal tract.

If this problem developed some time after taking olive leaf extract with no problem, it would explain why taking it at a later date brought the symptoms on.

Olive leaf
by: AnonyMarymous

Olive leaf can cause die off. It happened to me within two hours of taking it. I stayed with it and has help me. Only vomited once and felt nausea for about a week.

I too experienced intense reactions
by: Anonymous

OLE is known to be a superb supplement for certain conditions. Such was the case when I embarked on taking it 6 years ago. Unfortunately at the time, there was no information available to warn those with certain health conditions who should avoid OLE.

I too had a similar reaction to the other person on this forum. I took OLE for about a month with no problems until one day after taking it, I became very sick and vomited for a few hours. I knew it was directly related to the OLE so the culprit was not in question. I wondered if it was because I took it without food. I waited a couple weeks and tried again, but with a meal this time. About 15 minutes later I felt like I had been poisoned. The reaction was much worse and I became violently sick which lasted HOURS. Once recovered, I contacted the manufacturer as well as several medical experts to ask if they knew of this or any similar reaction to OLE. Each said they did not know of any negative reactions. I found it immensely frustrating that no one knew of any reactions, not even the manufacturer. If they are going to produce a product, they should know the potential side effects. It is true that supplements tend to be safe but that isn’t the issue. It may be safe but it has to do with one’s underlying condition that makes them more susceptible to that supplement. In my case, I had a dormant duodenal ulcer (from NSAIDs). OLE has been reported to be irritating to the stomach lining. Had I known that back then, I never would have taken it. This is where information and knowledge are important before embarking on taking supplements. Lest I give the impression I am anti-supplement, I am a HUGE proponent of supplements. In fact, they have helped me more than all the pharm drugs combined ever did--a story in itself. To anyone who is considering taking OLE, take note: "OLE can be irritating to the stomach lining and can cause nausea or vomiting. Other effects can include loose stools/ diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, body ache and flu-like symptoms." To the person that is considering taking OLE and who has gastrointestinal issues, I would advise avoiding this unless you are working very closely with a doctor who knows your medical history, has a good grasp of OLE and knows what to expect.

Sick as a dog.
by: Anonymous

I took one olive leaf extract capsule and thought I was food poisoned. I waited two weeks and took it again, got sick again. I throw up for 5 hours both times. Never again will I take olive leaf extract.

Editor comment.

You may be allergic to one of the constituents of olive leaf, or there may be something else added to the capsule as a filler which doesn't agree with you. If it is a reputable brand, I would agree with your decision wholeheartedly.

Nausea and diahrhea
by: Anonymous

I had the same experience about a month ago. About a year ago I took OL extract caps daily for about a month or so with no problem. Then when I started taking them again about a year later they made me throw up and have diarrhea about an hour after taking them. I took them along with other supplements so I thought it was a reaction from taking them all together. About a week later I took the OL caps alone and had the same reaction. It was horrible!! I had to leave work for the day the first time and it took til the next day to start feeling better but not 100%. The second time I had to take a nap on my lunch break to feel better.

by: Terence

I'd be interested to know if any new medication was started between the time you could take olive leaf, and the time when it started making you sick.

It could be that there is a certain commonplace medication that is not compatible with the olive leaf extract. If this is the case, the reaction will not be temporary but will probably get worse with time. This is not a Herxheimer reaction and one should not continue taking both as it could cause harm.

by: Anonymous

I took it for a yr and half with no problem then all of the f a sudden it did the same to me. I waited a whole yr to try again and tried a lower dose yesterday with the same effect. I have read where it could be a dying off effect. Not sure I have that right but if somethings by toxic in your body it can have this effect and others but I can't take the violent nausea. With me it doesn't stop. Every man nite throwing up or dry heaving, it's awful. I had to put a phenegren and under my tongue to get it to stop because you can't get anything by down. I would like to know the exact reason for this myself as when I was and could take I could tell it helped a lot of things especially my high blood pressure.

by: Marty Barclay

I have taken olive leaf extract three times and each time I have gotten sick and vomited. The first two times I was sick within an hour after taking the capsule; the third time it didn't hit until early evening. My identical twin has never had a problem with olive leaf extract and she thinks I'm "crazy" when I tell her olive leaf extract capsules make me sick. I am thankful to see that this has happened to others and I am not alone. Now that I'm 79 I'm going to give it another try.

Yeah, maybe die-off.
by: Greg

A die-off phenomenon sounds plausible. Any toxicity elimination event can have weird and unexpected symptoms. One day I had very severe and unexplained chills for two hours that just came and then went away. I think it was a detox event. Can't say what left, but it was probably just as well. Thanks, all. May try again. Detox is important.

Stomach cramps
by: Terence

Thank you for that info. anon.

I have noticed in the past that most people who experience stomach cramping or a strong Herx. reaction have a Candida or other gut infection with all its accompanying issues.

A good way forward if this is the case, may be to address this with mega doses of probiotics by way of eating cultured vegetables and fermented foods, and cutting out all the stuff that feeds the bad bacteria if applicable (Refined carbs, fizzy drinks etc.)

This could help your other issues and set the stage for taking small doses of olive leaf as well, which may just be too strong to take at the moment.

As a last thought, are these symptoms listed on any other medication you are taking?
There may be an over-dose of that medication as the olive leaf adds its effect.
It is not generally advisable to combine olive leaf extract with other medication.

stomach pain
by: Anonymous

Wow, just woke up at 3:00 am with bad stomach pain. Reviewing what may be causing it, I remember taking an olive leaf extract capsule before going to bed. I was really cramping, became stuffed up, and then threw up several times. It was mostly thick mucous. I am drinking water and hoping my stomach quits hurting. I have taken Olive Leaf before and never had such a reaction. The bottle is new and the same dosage & brand I have used in the past. I am 30 pounds lighter and have more health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetics. I will have to cut my dosage & see if this helps. Thanks for your site & information.

by: Anonymous

My reason for looking at this site was for this reason. I've taken the capsules 700mg for at least a year and a half on almost a daily basis one capsule a day with no problems. I cut back on it in the last several months only taking a few times a week. I picked up a stomach virus from my daughter and family a little over a month ago or at least I thought I did. Since then every time I take the olive leaf I start throwing up really bad within an hr of taking. I really just figured out that was what was causing it yesterday after taking. At first I thought something else was going on until I realized it was always after taking the OL. I waited almost two week this time before taking another. Also have headache today. I too thought the capsules might be contaminated until I researched and found out about the die off effect. also while throwing up I will be sneezing. Yesterday was bad I threw up for an hr and a half without much of a break in between. I'm glad I found out about the herxing but now am wondering why. BTW I rarely have ever gotten stomach viruses and was surprised when I did but can't be certain now that I hadn't taken OL when I thought I had got. That time I only three up once though and each time since have thrown up more it seems. Also had diarrhea today which I don't normally have. I would like to keep taking also but can't go through that so when I get brave enough to try again I will try a lower dosage. I'm too thin already to be doing that and usually seems to take several days for me to feel well again.

With the sneezing, it sounds more like an allergy to me.
You don't say whether the capsules you are taking are an extract or just powdered leaves.
If an extract, and you are thin, I suspect it is too large a dose at one time for you.
You may be better off taking pure organic olive leaf capsules, not extract, about 250mg-500mg with a meal once a day to start with, but if it is an allergic reaction which has built up I suggest you stop the olive leaf altogether.

You should probably also eat cultured vegetables or take a good probiotic supplement to ensure healthy gut flora. On an ongoing basis you can take garlic in capsules or fresh, and if and when you need to, take oil of oregano or goldenseal in place of the olive leaf.

Initial nausea
by: Terence

I had nausea the first time I took olive leaf extract.
I took it because I had got mild food poisoning at a hotel, along with all the other guests, and I already felt nauseous. On the third day I couldn't understand why I still felt nauseous but it was die-off from the olive leaf extract (a relatively weak capsule).

On the fourth day I was fine and now I can take big doses if I need to with no side-effects at all.

Re: nausea
by: Doris

I had the same problem, the first time I took it I threw up 3 hours later. I only took one 100 mg gel cap. I gave one to my Mother at the same time and she did fine with it.

by: sofiya

Hi Greg

The die-off period usually last for about 4-7 days.
Olive leaf extract has so many benefits, the research centres who test these natural medicines say there are no side-effects except the die-off period.
Depending on your body,yes die-off can occur with-in a 2 hour period. I know with myself this has been the case. Sometimes it's a case of trial and error to find the dosage that your body can deal with. Lets also not forget die-off is a good thing and means the oliveleaf extract is working.

To help deal with this it is advised to drink more water to help flush the toxins from the system and if it is really bad then either stop taking them for a day or two or cut back on the amount of olive leaf extract you are taking.

Thanks for the idea
by: Greg

To Sofiya: Would the die-off you suggested normally occur in just two hours? That's how long it took for the throwing-up to start.

by: sofiya

just wanted to comment on the nausea
I think what you maybe experiencing is what is termed as the 'die-off' effect. Remember olive leaf extract is killing off all sorts of pathogens in the body and when this happens the body can not always keep up in eliminating these pathogens,so they end up in the blood stream for a while until the body can catch up. It is usually a good idea to cut down on the dosage or stop taking it for a day or two until the body has had chance to eliminate the bad microbes.

Question about nausea
by: Greg from Ramona

Thanks for the answer.
I thought about contamination also so, for that second try I bought a new bottle (same brand) and from that one I took a cap apart and just used a bit. Same result, but for a shorter time because I used less.
I might try a tincture in case the problem is in the cap or filler (long shot, I think) or dry and grind my own tree leaves as a test.
I look forward to other's comments.

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