Purple feet

by Andrea

I grew up in a rural part of Los Angeles that had been settled by Italians who found the climate perfect for olives. The whole area was planted in olive groves and every house was surrounded by olive trees.

I developed a special feeling for these trees with their rough, twisted trunks and silvery leaves.

At the time this area was very rural, having mostly horse ranches and olive groves and just dirt roads.
The children took off their shoes in June and didn't put them back on until September. As a result of running barefoot, by mid-summer all the children had bright purple feet. This was because it was impossible to step anywhere without stepping on the ripe black olives that were falling, and their juice dyed our feet bright purple!

Olive trees will always have a special place in my heart.

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Very Good and Interesting
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the History about your life. It would have been good to post more. Again, Thank You Steve

by: Terence

Thank you for that interesting bit of history.
I wholeheartedly agree, and find there is a rugged beauty, especially in old olive trees.
They are so resilient, it's as if life etches a story into them and they end up like some old people, full of character and wisdom built upon years of hardships weathered and storms overcome.

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