Powder or Capsules for Blood Pressure

by Tina
(Lewiston, Maine)

I would like to take Olive Leaf Extract for blood pressure issues and would like to do it economically.
Is the powder less expensive? How do I compare the value?
Is this the same powder in the capsules? I don't mind measuring out a powder.

The powders generally available are normally powdered olive leaves as opposed to concentrated extracts of leaves.
Capsules are generally a combination of both - so the capsules in this case would be stronger and probably more effective for the same weight. There is more information on this on the "capsules best" page.
If however you have a borderline blood pressure issue and are not on medication, you may not need much olive leaf extract to bring you back into safe limits so a powder may do the job.
This is a case where you would have to get a good powder and try it out with various dosages.
If this does not give the desired results, try a good ethanolic tincture or medium strength capsules. I have seen low doses of tincture work very well and turn out extremely cost-effective and would assume that capsules, powder or even tea could do the same.

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