Pet owner

by Debra
(Margate, Florida)

Olive leaf has given my cat, her life back.

After battling a micro bacterial infection for two years, my cat stopped eating. I took her to an emergency clinic, and she stayed there for two days.
They fed her, through a tube in her nose. So, after two years of antibiotics, wearing an e collar, having lost most of her hair, having walnut sized bumps under her skin, I figured that I had nothing to lose by trying olive leaf.

I had read nothing but wonderful things about olive leaf and shared the info with my vet. We decided to try it, in addition to the two antibiotics that she had been taking for two years.
We had her blood tested after the first two weeks. It was the first time, in two years, that her blood came back normal. We had expected an improvement, but we weren't expecting perfect results.

We then decided to take her off of her daily antibiotic, and tested get again, 10 days later.

Still perfect. Meanwhile, all of her open sores had dried up, her hair grew back, and all of the walnut sized bumps under her skin disappeared, with the exception of one that is now only pea sized.
We have taken her off of her last antibiotic, and will have her blood tested again in a couple of days.
I went from thinking that I was going to have my cat to sleep, to looking like a full recovery.

In the beginning, I was told that Shadow would probably have this bacterial infection for life, and that she would probably have to take these antibiotics for life.

Thanks to Olive leaf, she has gotten her health back, and her life.
The product that I am giving her is Oli-vet.

I take olive leaf, myself, and tell as many people that will listen. I just wish I had found out about it two years ago. It would have saved me a lot of money on vet bills, and my cat would not have had to have gone through so much discomfort for so long.

It's really a miracle. People need to know about this amazing herb.

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