Parasites, Roundworms, Tapeworms

Can olive leaf extract kill parasites such as round worms, and tape worms in the human body?

According to Dr.Morton Walker in his book "Olive Leaf Extract", yes, if in sufficiently high doses.
I don't know how much that dose would be and if it would deal with those specific worms.
I am not aware of any research or feedback that either corroborates or refutes this.


Comment Jul 23, 2015
It worked for me for hookworms
by: Anonymous

I began retaking them after stopping one time since I felt "off' somehow. It could of been a die off or I wasn't ready for them.
I have other problems including lack of minerals and vitamins, fibromyalgia, plantar fascittis, adrenaline rushes etc.
Well anyways I began taking them again after addressing my other problems. I began with 1x500mg(30mg oleuropein) pill, upping to 2 then 3 pills a day. After a week and upping to 3 pills made my body ache and inflammation on my tendons.
I'm not sure if it was the amount of time taking them or the potency that did the trick but it worked.
I found worms which later found out were hookworms in my stool. It was pretty gross.
So to answer your question olive leaf extract worked for me.

I don't have to go to the bathroom as often anymore. I just had to when the die off happened.

The body does this to get rid of the toxins as quick as possible(from what I've read).

I upped the dose to 6 pills a day for 4 days just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

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