Origins of the tea and the people who drank it

by Packy Boukis
(Chesterland, Ohio)

I stumbled on the tea quite by accident.

I own a gourmet food business, featuring olive oil, vinegar and teas and other food items.

Tea helped me with my addiction to soft drinks. I found teas that were mixed well with other ingredients to make them palatable.

I sold a tea that had olive leaf as one of the ingredients. Since I have an interest in health and wellness I would research each ingredients. This tea also had lemon grass ,lily petals, orange peel…not sure if more ingredients.

The tea was discontinued so I ordered all ingredients and mixed my self. I have expanded the ingredients to include other things like gotu kola and clove,sometimes hibiscus.

I became very interested in this powerhouse and began asking my friends born in Greece if they new of olive leaf tea. No one I asked ever heard of it.

PLEASE TELL ME WHY. in a country who at times were starving didn’t know about this amazing tea.

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