Olive leaf tincture without alcohol

by Danielle Stiles
(Redondo Beach,Ca. USA)


Having CFS/fibro. I was so glad to find your site.
I just started 3/12. I bought this Alcohol-free OleoPein Tincture.
Is this one effective being alcohol free?
Is this brand good?
Within 6 months. I have had 5 infections. Plus feeling super sick & dizzy.
I have had 4 sinus infections & one bronchial infection.
Should I take olive leaf tincture more than 2x a day???


The product you have bought appears to be a good one and I recommend it under my favourite products.

Dose yourself according to the instructions and see how it works for you. Some physicians recommend dosing yourself three times a day for CFS which I would agree with - see Dr. Morton Walker's book - a whole chapter is devoted to CFS.

You may experience die-off symptoms for a few days during which you can lower your dosage, but as soon as you comfortably can, build up to the maximum dose.

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