Olive leaf standardized extract powder

by Sarah
(Culver, IN)

Could you tell me where you could purchase olive leaf standardized extract powder. You mentioned that this, combined with the olive leaf, would make an excellent capsule. Thought you might suggest a reputable supplier for this. Thanks.


The potent standardised powders are mainly available in large (and very expensive) quantities.

You have however raised a very important issue. I will try to find something readily available in small quantities and of good quality. (Or twist somebody's arm to start supplying it).
This will help all the other visitors to the site who wish to make their own capsules as well.

This may take some time but I'll keep you posted.
Thank you for the question.

Later Answer:
I have found a good source of powder.
It would need a number of orders to make it worth importing but if anyone is interested they can make contact through the "Contact Us" tab.
When we have an idea of how many people want it we will make it available.

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