Olive leaf homemade capsules

How many should I take a day for candidiasis?

This will depend on the size of capsule you used and the powder - was it pure olive leaf or did you also add standardised powdered extract?
Let's assume you crushed up dry olive leaves only.
Take the oleuropein content as 3% of the total weight of the filled capsule.

If a capsule weighs 500mg (you may have to weigh 20 or more on an accurate postal or other scale to work this out), then each capsule contains approx. 500x0.03 = 15mg oleuropein.

From the dosage page on the website you will see you need to build up to a dosage of 180mg of oleuropein per day. This would mean 180/15=12 capsules a day, or 3 capsules four times a day.

This would be too much to start off with if you have Candidiasis, so start off with three capsules a day. When comfortable with this (no die-off effect), increase to 6 capsules a day for a week or two and finally up to 12 per day until the symptoms start to abate, at which time you will drop back to 6 per day.
Drink adequate amounts of water to flush away toxins.

Note: I am assuming you are on no other medication for blood pressure, diabetes and are otherwise healthy. If you are on any medication you need to consult with a natural health professional or doctor before taking olive leaf.

Bear in mind that to conquer candidiasis you need to isolate the root cause, change what needs to be changed and rebuild your health with correct eating and probiotic-rich foods or supplements.

Olive leaf extract and other supplements can help destroy the immediate overgrowth but a strong immune system needs to take over in order to maintain good health in the long term and this should be your goal.

This book may help you correct your diet and here is an example of probiotics that can help. You can also try making kefir and sauerkraut or other fermented foods to stabilize your gut bacteria.

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