Olive leaf v. Olive Leaf Extract

What is the difference between olive leave & olive leaf extract?
Obviously they must be different because I see both listed on the ingredient list of some capsules. Thank you.

Olive leaf is simply dried and powdered olive leaves. It contains all the constituents of the leaf in a natural ratio (dependent also on the quality of the soil), less the volatile constituents which are lost in the drying of the leaves.
Olive leaf Extract is an extract made from olive leaves. Olive leaves are processed to extract the phytochemicals from the leaf, particularly oleuropein. This is much stronger and more concentrated than simply the leaves and acts much faster on infections for example.

No one knows what balance of constituents works the best, or whether some constituents are lost or altered in the extraction process, so many manufacturers include both to cover all bases.

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fresh olive leaf v. olive leaf extract
by: Terri

I notice your comment when comparing olive leaf and the olive leaf extract compares using the dried leaf. I would like to know the advantages of the fresh leaf versus the extract, I am assuming with the fresh leaf you will be getting everything unaffected. I can't do an extract because I can't handle alcohol.


Fresh leaves are always good (if they haven't been sprayed that is). You get other volatile constituents not present in the dried leaf which can also be beneficial.

Extracts also come in capsules so you don't have to take ethanol to consume them. There are also alcohol-free liquid extracts available, some of which will contain the volatile constituents as well.

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Olive leaf vs Olive Leaf extract

by Angela House
(Dayton Ohio USA)


Is there a difference between Olive leaf and Olive Leaf extract?

If so then is Olive leaf just as good as Olive leaf extract? Or should I only take Olive leaf extract for sinus infections?

Olive leaf extract is a concentrated extract of Olive leaves.

You will get quicker results with an extract, but some people find it too strong to start off with. In this case, Olive leaf, which is simply powdered Olive leaves would be a better way to start until your body is used to it.

Most people start with an extract.

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Olive Leaf Powder


I have olive leaf powder and the shelf life for capsules is 2 years. I will not be able to use all of it by then. I noticed that most of the supplement forms use leaves. I did note that you can add the powder to the tincture with the leaves. Can I make the tincture with just the powder and substitute it for leaves in the other recipes as well? Thank you!


Yes you can.

I feel it is always better to have a combination of leaves and powder as the powder will probably be high in oleuropein and lack a balance of the other constituents of the olive leaf.
Having said that, the capsules with powder-only also work, and to dissolve it to form a tincture will improve absorption and increase the shelf life.

It would be best to make the tincture sooner rather than later to lock in the properties of the constituents.

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Olive leaf tea
by: Anonymous

With everything said. What about the effectiveness of olive leaf tea made out of dried leaves.


It depends on the leaf quality and how strong you make the tea.
Assuming average quality leaves, a strong tea can be highly therapeutic, depending on what it is for.

Tincture dosage
by: Kdoh

Hi what is recommended dosage to improve pre hypertension of dry extract vs tincture ?


This depends on the strengths of each form of extract.
If you go to the dosage page on the website you will see the dosage recommendations for both.

I would recommend a strong tincture for this use from feedback received.

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