Olive Leaf Extract and Marshmallow root

by Colleen
(New York)

Can olive leaf extract drops be taken with marshmallow root and if so, should they be taken at separate times of the day or is it ok to be taken together at the same time?

A friend of mine has a UTI but can't tolerate antibiotics so we're going to try the olive leaf extract for her.

She also has late stage Lyme. Her GI is *very* sensitive. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!


I don't have any evidence to go on, but my guess would be to take them together if her G.I. is very sensitive. She could dilute the olive leaf drops with water.

Absorption of the drops would be better if taken between meals, but to start off it may be better to take them shortly after the marshmallow.

She could experiment by taking them 20 minutes before the marshmallow if all goes well. Her G.I. tract should improve with the olive leaf extract.

Another consideration is that if it's an ethanolic tincture it will be largely absorbed in the stomach if diluted to about 20% total alcohol by volume. Little will reach the intestines.
The upside of this is it can't irritate the intestines, and works from internally outwards. On the other hand, you may want it to reach the intestinal surface which it does if you dilute it substantially more.

The only way to know would be to try each way. The most important thing is to get some "down the hatch" and adjust the final details from there.

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