What dosage of olive leaf oil can I give my Marmoset monkey who contracted the herpes virus and how regular? He weighs approximately 500grams.

The dosage would depend on the product used.
To scale the maximum human dose of 180mg oleuropein per day for an acute infection down to an animal of 500g body weight, the max. daily dose of oleuropein would be around 1,5mg.
Using this method assumes that it will work on a monkey the same as on a human and that the dosage is directly scalable by weight – which is quite a broad assumption, as it all depends on how a monkey absorbs and metabolises the extract.

Assuming that this assumption is approximately correct;
A very strong 500mg capsule containing 20% oleuropein would contain 100mg oleuropein. It would be very difficult to divide the contents up into 66 odd equal portions so that would be too strong.
If you used a 500mg capsule containing only powdered olive leaves you would get a total of about 15mg oleuropein per capsule. You could divide the contents of this into 10 equal doses each containing 1,5mg oleuropein. (I suggest spreading it thinly over a clean surface & then separating it with a knife blade into 10 sections).
Divide each dose into 3 parts and give one of part 3x per day.

I guess the best way to administer this would be to disguise it in his food.
Another alternative would be to use a tincture and calculate how much you would need to provide the same amount of oleuropein.
If it is an ethanolic tincture, you would best pour a little boiling water on to flash off some of the alcohol then administer it with a dropper.
If the monkey is caged, you could put it in his water.

I don’t know of any research done on monkeys with olive leaf or dosages used, but rats can tolerate much stronger doses than this with no ill effects.
You would have to start here though and monitor the results, increasing slowly if necessary to say double this amount until you get the desired result.


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Marmoset Herpes
by: Herman

Have you got any proof that this can cure herpes in Marmosets?
Has there been any research done on this?

No research to my knowledge, and no anecdotal evidence as yet, so no proof at this point.

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