Olive leaf extract and eczema, psoriasis

by Aggie Gaffney
(Albuquerque, NM)

I was introduced to olive leaf by a naturopath and have seen many changes (for the better) in my well being, however I failed to inquire as to how long I should take my one capsule daily... Is there any set time to use it then be off for a time?? Do the conditions (eczema, psoriasis) return??
Can't find an answer...Thanks Aggie

You do not have to stop taking olive leaf extract for set periods as its chief function is not to stimulate your immune system.

You can try not taking it and see how you do. You may find your skin troubles start to come back but you can always start again.

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Eczema and Asthma

by Doris Hammond
(Santa Barbara,CA)


Does Olive Leaf extract help with eczema and asthma?


Skin conditions are many and varied, and olive leaf seems to help with some and not with others.

Often the underlying cause of a skin condition is diet or poor gut health, rather than a topical problem.

If it has to do with diet, olive leaf will not override the cause.

If it has to do with an infection, olive leaf extract often does help but a long term solution always involves giving your body raw and probiotic-rich foods and cutting back on the refined, sugary stuff.

See the comment made by one user under "Typical Uses" for an example of a good skin result.

Olive leaf extract can help with psoriasis and eases inflammation, but eczema caused by eating foods which trigger it off does not usually respond significantly in my experience.

I believe childhood asthma often responds well when carbonated drinks, fruit juices and teas are replaced by water.
Many children drink little or no water which can result in all kinds of problems.

Olive leaf is not reputed to deal with asthma.

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Ectzema and asthma
by: Anonymosandraus

Could you please clarify the amount of pills that you used. Saying 2 x 4 x 500 is very confusing. Do you use four 500 mg tablets of olive leaf two times a day?

Asthma - restored vitality
by: RJB

As further encouragement and in continuity of my previous post 2 days later, I am now free from any further Asthma-related medication.

I slept through the last night with the slightest laboured breathing and this morning am able to breathe unassisted. There is still a slight movement of excess mucous from the lungs but my breathing is free and normal. I have not experienced this in the last close to 30 years

... Daily improvement continues with the current daily dosage of 2 x 4x500mg 20% tablets. I know what it is like to suffer breathing difficulties and am in shock as to the current cure I am experiencing. I am taking no other supplements whatsoever.

Just a few other observations : athletes foot in-between 2 toes has diminished by 90 % / a wart on my leg has shrunk by 70 % / an IBS-like symptom of bloatedness whenever eating (which I believe came from the old Asthma cortico-steroid usage) has practically disappeared / skin is noticeably softer and more youthful / energy + / a feeling of positivity prevails and weight loss.

Yes again I don't know by what mechanism but a noticeable constant return to a more youthful appearance. The cost to return ratio of OLE beggars disbelief ... I am so grateful to have be given another chance at life due to my new found health!

Asthma - restored vitality.
by: RJB

Just wanted to let you know and to encourage anyone else out there that for me OLE has had the most beneficial impact on my Asthma over anything else I have tried.

I have gone beyond the point of trying to find an explanation as to why but there it is. I honestly feel from a symptomatic point of view that OLE offers a cure for Asthma for individuals similar to me. I make this statement due to the continued improvement I am experiencing, IOW my Asthma is improving on a daily basis, I use less Ventolin and am able to sleep through the night and wake in the morning with less constricted breathing.

I have to say that I think the breakthrough came because I used very high doses to start with. At one point I took 3 x 12 500mg 20% tablets and am now down to 3 x 2-4 tabs per day with continued improvement.
I can't explain except to those that also suffer from Asthma the encouragement at this improvement. It's like a miracle in slow motion. I want to encourage people not to give up in search for a cure as my cure is a testament to this.

Just to give a point of reference I used to have mild Asthma in my early 20's which I think was caused by a genetic weakness exploited by a silly decision to smoke. When I "progressed" from Ventolin to the now common corticosteroid / bronchodilator medication it was great for maybe 5 years. Then the medication I believe impacted my overall immunity and my prognosis worsened to the point I was on 5 different medications and could not breathe.
At this point I ceased all medication save the Ventolin, and yes it has been hell for 6 months.

OLE has brought me back to the point I was in my early 20's in the space of 3 weeks, with the last week bringing disproportionate daily improvements.

Thank God, I can now get excited about life again. There is nothing more debilitating than not being able to breathe.
I told God I cannot accept that the most basic right of life; to breathe has become compromised in me. I believe His answer has been to bring healing to me by the use of OLE.
Thank you Lord Jesus. God bless anyone else out there who needs His healing.

OLE is a miracle and I believe it goes beyond scientific explanation...

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Does olive leaf extract help asthma?

by Neil

Does olive leaf extract help asthma?

I was not aware of olive leaf extract helping with asthma until receiving an amazing testimonial posted about olive leaf extract and asthma on this website.
If you do a search by clicking on the magnifying glass, and entering asthma as the search term it will take you there.
I would not recommend such large doses immediately, but rather start small and build up to the acute dosage as indicated on the "dosage" page. You can then experiment with higher doses as your body gets used to it and if you start to feel a benefit from it as regards the asthma.

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Olive Leaf for Coronavirus?
by: Terence

I think it would help against the Coronavirus, because it works well with most 'flu viruses.

This can't be claimed without testing, but I and my family take it as a preventive against all kinds of bugs and it definitely helps enough to get over it without too much discomfort.
If you catch them early enough it often stops them in their tracks.

Olive leaf is working
by: Anonymous

Spread the word about this God given Olive Leaf.

I know a child that was healed from asthma. So I tried it. I developed asthma when I was thirty from chemicals at work and am now 70. The only med I take is an inhaler, and I do have an oxygen machine.

Today is my third day with Olive Leaf.
Already I have slept for two nights and am using my Inhaler only a few times a day instead of every 3 hours, including night time.Could this possibly help those with the Coronavirus?

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