Olive leaf and Molluscom Contagiosum


Can olive leaf be used to get rid of Molluscum Contagiosum outbreaks?


Being a virus it is definitely worth a try.

I would get a strong ethanolic tincture and mix a few drops in a teaspoon of any edible oil you have available until it is cloudy, and apply to the infection a few times a day.

It would also be an excellent idea to take any good quality olive leaf extract capsule or tincture product internally, build up slowly to the maximum dosage on the label and continue for a few weeks.

I would be surprised if this did not help, or possibly even eradicate the infection.

Great question, and I would be excited to know of any success you have.

I have since read of someone spraying around the area with a colloidal silver spray to avoid the infection spreading. I think that's a good idea too.

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This seems to be working!
by: Anonymous

This does work - I think!
My daughter (4 yrs old) has been suffering from molluscom for 8 months.
After trying to let it run its course and having her scratch at it, spreading it etc... I poked a hole into an olive leaf capsule and squeezed out the extract. I spread it all over her molluscom and it is truly drying up and I haven't noticed very many new ones coming up.
It is thick, brown, sticky and messy. Use a not- nice shirt to cover after applying.
So, it may be at the end of its course or it may be the olive leaf.
A very inexpensive remedy worth a try. I wish I had tried it 8 months ago.

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