Oleuropein Concentration Question

I came across a study that claims air drying olive leafs at room temperature over a period of a few days will actually provide a higher oleuropein concentration than drying the leafs in the oven or consuming them (tea or other) fresh... are you aware of how accurate this is? and is there a simple way for one to approximately measure how much oleuropein is in each dry vs fresh leaf for example (if one is to consume olive leaf tea or powder from a garden olive tree vs. purchasing a supplement)

thank you!

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by: Terence


Yes I came across that study as well and it does make sense as far as the fresh leaves are concerned due to the lower moisture content.

In the case of oven vs air dried one is dependent on the researchers' methods and measurements and I am not qualified to do a peer review.

There is no simple way of testing for oleuropein that I am aware of, I have had it done in a laboratory before.

Bear in mind that the effectiveness of the product does not depend on oleuropein alone, there are other constituents that work synergistically to produce a result and these may be higher in a fresh/air dried leaf.

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