OLE for Dog Chronic Bronchitis

by Ailora


I was wondering if you have created or know of where I can find OLE dosage by weight or specifically for dogs? My Dachshund boy has chronic bronchitis and he gets congested in his nasal passages.. It's awful for him and keeps him awake some nights. I just yesterday gave him a few drops of organic OLE tincture before bed and it seemed to clear up the congestion very fast, although that affect didn't last too long and I gave him 3 more drops in the middle of the night. It seems like it's going to help with congestion but I'm interested dosage for more than just side effects. I'd like to try to clear up any underlying infection that has led to the chronic bronchitis.


I would normally work out the dosage by taking a human dose for an acute condition and scaling it down from human weight to dog weight.
You could take the human weight as 60kg and take your dog weight as a fraction of that and the dose as the same fraction of the human dose.
This would be a good starting point, and you could increase or reduce by 50% or more as needed.
Some suppliers of olive leaf for animals recommend much larger doses in broad categories but I think my way is more accurate for small animals.
Olive leaf is safe for dogs so I don’t think you need to be overly concerned about over-dosing.

It may help to space doses through the day with one before you retire at night and that should help your dog get over it.

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by: Harley J Hoover

I've been giving olive leaf powder to my dog for a little more than 3 years. About 1 teaspoon a day.

The reason I started with it is the first two years of life was constant ear infections, discharge, itchy. Mainly a yeast infection, also showing up on paws as well. (springer spaniel about 60 pounds)

Since I've been on it ..NO more ear or paw problems! In case your wondering, generally speaking if there is "pinkish" color under the mouth, in the paws, around the eyes, mostly seen on white fur, ..it's a yeast. The paws will smell like …Doritos! You may need to take other measures to get the pink stain out of fur.

My main concern was the yeast infections in the ears, this works!
One concern about comparing dosages to humans, the dog digestive system is "short & fast". They are not the same. I went with the recommended on the package for the weight of the dog.

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