Oive leaf extract & Molluscum

by MBM
(Baton Rouge, LA)

Since Molluscum is a skin virus, is it safe to say taking oral olive leaf extract would do nothing to aid in ridding of the problem?? I know that it is important to build the immune system. Let me know your thoughts or experiences with taking OLE to help with getting over an outbreak. MM

We have no feedback from customers as yet regarding the success of olive leaf extract in containing/clearing Molluscum Contagiosum infections.
Being a virus, and as it is usually dealt with successfully by the immune system over time, olive leaf extract taken internally is definitely worth a try to speed this process up.

I would also get a strong ethanolic tincture and mix as much as possible in a teaspoon of any edible oil until it is cloudy, and apply to the infection a few times a day.
Alternatively, one could apply colloidal silver topically.

Take any good quality olive leaf extract capsule or tincture product internally, build up slowly to the maximum dosage on the label and continue for a few weeks.

I would be surprised if this did not help, or even eradicate the infection.

Aug 08, 2013 Silver
by: Anonymous

I had this for years and eventually got rid of them by using a colloidal silver and aloe vera gel.
I used it as a hand moisturizer many times a day. Really recommend it.

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