Ochratoxin from Mold

by Holly

Can olive leaf extract be effectively used to rid my body of ochratoxins?
I've tested quite positive and my doctor wants me to take anti fungals that are prescription but I really don't like the long list of possible side effects.
If the answer is yes, how much, how often and how long? I read the general dosing but I want to make sure that this mold is purged! Thank you.

According to Dr. Morton Walker in his book Olive Leaf Extract, pg 159, olive leaf may be fungicidal or fungistatic against the fungi which produce ochratoxins.
I have had no personal feedback from anyone using it for this - the only way to find out would be to try it and then be re-tested.
It would also be an idea to avoid foods which tend to contain ochratoxins such as grains and wine and to avoid processed/junk foods, sweets and flour products.
The way to dose yourself with olive leaf extract would be the same as for a yeast infection such as Candida.
Whichever product you buy, start on a low dose, as you may experience Herxheimers reaction. Gradually increase to the maximum dose for the product you buy, with reference to the dosage page on this site, and maintain for about 4 weeks. It would be better to take smaller doses about 3 times a day rather than large doses once a day as some manufacturers recommend.
During this time it would be beneficial to improve the balance of your gut flora by taking a probiotic supplement.
It would then be a good idea to get the doctor to have you tested again.

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