Cured my Drug Resistant UTI bacteria

by User1977

I am a lupus patient for 10 years. I am on immunosuppressant and steroids.
I recently started to get frequent UTI's that will not go until I take a course of antibiotics that would leave me energy drained and I develop a yeast infection afterwards. Over the past 4 months, I got about 4 UTI's.

The last infection was caused by Klebsiella Pn and it was resistant to all antibiotics except one IV antibiotic which is very strong and toxic.

My urologist suggested that I do not take antibiotic this time because next time, the bacteria will become more resistant to the only remaining antibiotic and we will be in a worse situation.
He advised me to wait and see because the risk of waiting is smaller than the risk of taking one more round of antibiotic, especially that my only symptoms were cloudy urine with strong smell and no fever or back pain.

Feeling helpless I started to look for alternative treatment. I was already on Cranberry capsules and it was not helping. So I researched until I found Olive Leaf Extract.
I took 4 capsules (225 mg with 6% oleuropein) of it 3 times daily (i.e.12 capsules per day) for seven days, and the UTI was gone.

It was just amazing for me.

Here are other supplements that I took along side this product so that you have the complete picture:
1- 1 capsules Cranberry 500 mg, twice daily
2- 1 teaspoon turmeric, twice daily
3- 2 softgel Oregano Oil (175mg), 3 times daily

I truly believe that the olive leaf extract along with the Turmeric are what killed the bacteria, because I was always on the Cranberry and Oregano oil but I just increased my dose of them this time.
After one week of taking these supplements along with drinking lots of water, my symptoms were gone and my repeated urine culture came negative.

I always read about people that treated their UTIs naturally but felt skeptical because every thing natural I tried never worked for me.

My experience now says that natural supplements are indeed capable on their own of killing the bacteria.
It is just a matter of taking the right dose; my main mistake was taking very low dose of the supplements (the dose that is written on the label which is meant for maintaining the status of an already healthy individual) that did not produce any therapeutic effect.

I would really wish the same results for other UTI sufferers.
There is hope. Klebsiella pn can be beaten!

If an immune comprised patient like me did it, then any other one can do the same easier and faster.

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UTI - Olive leaf extract and Curcumin can cure.

I take two 250mg olive leaf extract tablets, standardized to 12 percent plus one 500mg Curcumin capsule.
Take this combo Three times a day for 7 to 10 days, it's amazing!

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