Mycoplasma infections


Can olive leaf treat longstanding mycoplasma infections?


Olive Leaf Extract is listed as an antimicrobial agent for Mycoplasma Pneumonia as referenced in "Olive Leaf Extract" by Dr. Morton Walker Pg67.

There is a strong possibility that it would act against other mycoplasma strains as well.

These antimicrobial effects are often observed "in-vitro", that is "in glass" or under experimental conditions outside of the host.
This can differ from results observed in the host (in vivo), but I have found olive leaf extract often works in people as it works in the laboratory.

In my opinion it is well worth a try.

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Dosage suggestion
by: Anonymous

I would suggest starting on a low dose of organic olive leaf capsules in case you experience Herxheimers reaction. (This reaction does indicate that the olive leaf is working).
Increase dosage as comfortable up to the maximum dosage stipulated on the container. (At this stage you will need a standardised olive leaf extract combination capsule - see "capsules best" on the website).
Continue on the maximum dosage until your symptoms are gone, or nearly gone, then revert to a maintenance dosage for at least a month after that.

If you experience no change within a month of using a quality concentrated product, it is likely that olive leaf extract will not help in this case.

I would also recommend taking a good probiotic supplement during and after the treatment as any antibiotics you have taken will likely have damaged the balance of good bacteria in the intestines.
Note: Do not take olive leaf extract while taking other medication/antibiotics.

by: Anonymous

Do you have a recommendation for dosage and how long to stay on that level of dosage for a longstanding mycoplasma infection? And do you recommend supplementing with anything additional such as probiotics? Thank you,

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