Myasthenia gravis

My son has been diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis, an auto immune disease. Is this safe to take when u have an auto immune disease??

Although not its principal mode of action, Olive leaf extract does stimulate phagocytosis, which is an immune function. It can normally be used where stimulants such as Echinacea cannot but I would not give a recommendation in this case. The question is best referred to a specialist.

However, as a separate note not involving Olive leaf extract, there are doctors who believe that Myasthenia gravis-type diseases are caused by heavy metal toxicity, including in this case an accumulation of iron in the body.
This can wreak havoc on your immune system resulting in baffling symptoms which make no sense such as the body attacking itself.

The solution therefore would be to prevent the intake of such substances where possible and also enable the body to throw them off.

I would strongly recommend you visit the website below for the theory behind this as well as a rather simple medication-free solution which is easy to apply although it takes a few dietary and precautionary measures to implement.

I hope this provides a way forward for you.

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