Manual Capsule Machine and Other Equipment

You can fill capsules singly by hand or invest in a manual capsule machine with tamper for larger quantities, while saving a bunch of money in the process.
All you need are gelatine or vegetarian capsules, (gelatin capsules are slightly cheaper than vegetarian capsules) and suitable olive leaf powder, preferably organic.

Concentrated olive leaf extract powder (standardised to 6%, 14%, 20% oleuropein) would boost capsule strength but is usually only available in large quantities.

It is a good idea to wear latex or nitrile gloves when loading your own capsules for hygiene and to stop them getting sticky from the moisture on your hands.

If you were to add concentrated olive leaf extract to your capsules it would be a good idea to measure the amount used, either with a scale or with micro scoops featured in the store above.

If buying a scale you first need an idea of how much in weight you will be measuring. For example, if you are going to be measuring quantities over 20g, you need a scale that can cope with that weight.
If you plan to add small amounts of other herbs or minerals to your capsules you may need a scale that can measure down to milligrams (0,001g).

Filling capsules can really be fun, and not only that, it makes a whole range of other supplements affordable which previously you only dreamed of taking. In addition, you can leave out the fillers and flowing agents needed for mass production.

In this day and age as it becomes more and more important to be self-sufficient and do everything you can to prevent toxic chemicals from making inroads into your health, making your own supplements could become a critical factor in health and wellbeing.

Take control of your life and have fun!


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