Lyme disease and Spinal Meningitis

by Anonymous

I would like to tell you that I was able to rid myself of Lyme disease AND spinal meningitis 2 years ago!

My Lyme disease symptoms started with flu like pain, back ache
and the bulls eye rash.
When I saw the rash I started on homeopathic Ledum 1M but only felt marginally better.
Then about 5 days into this I became MUCH worse, at which time I made the decision to try olive leaf.
(I had used it once before for 4 days on a horse with a puncture wound with enormous swelling and the problem began resolving within hours!)

I was very very sick! My chin was bent down to touch my chest.
That is how bad I was....and in absolute agony, with stiffness and headache.
I started feeling better within hours of starting on olive leaf. I think I actually took it 3 or 4 times a day and could actually feel myself improving each time I took it but I was not completely better yet. But I am such a believer when I see results that I stay the course and kept taking it religiously.

During this time all my friends insisted I needed the emergency room. Some thought I might die because of what they heard me describing!
I recall being on the phone with my chin to my chest and my jaws almost clamped shut, telling my friend how I could feel the rigidity and agonizing pain in my neck starting to go away!
I think one time I felt a result from a dose within the hour!
But people are terribly sceptical, and I never exactly knew it might work for the horse until I saw it with my own eyes.
Only in desperation did I try it myself and experienced relief first hand.

I am not exactly sure how long I took the olive leaf extract before I ran out of it (because I only had leftover capsules from when I used it on the horse), and this made me have to go longer hours until I could get to the store.
I started feeling worse! So I hurried to the store to get more the next morning and as far as I remember took a double dose and continued with a double dose until I felt completely better.
The whole problem lasted for about 2 weeks and I took the olive leaf for about nine days!

A friend of mine that I was in close proximity with had spinal meningitis also and was hospitalized in intensive care for 2 weeks on medicine.
Her symptoms were identical to mine! She had a spinal tap and then had complications for weeks from having the spinal tap!
I lucked out by ridding myself of this another way!

I will never be without the extract in my cabinet!
Just wanted you to be encouraged by this.

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Olive leaf extract
by: Tina

I also swear by olive leaf extract. We have treated everything from a foot infection to hand and mouth infection to throat infection.
You name it.
My children are often completely fine without any symptoms within 48 hours of taking it.
For me it is within 5 hours of taking it.

I have a formula that works for us. The first 2 days of any disease take 6 tea spoon (for children under age of 12), adults take 6 table spoons. After two days take 3 tea spoons or table spoons.

My children haven't been to the doctor in 2 years

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